Team:Lethbridge HS/Basic Part

Basic Parts

Each of the following basic parts were submitted to the iGEM registry. The parts below are the pectinases used in our project in which all three pectinases are used to improve the breakdown of pectin within organic compost. Each of these enzymes have also been fused to a GFP reporter for purification and assay purposes.

For more information on their function and overall design, please visit our Design page or the Parts overview page.

Part Name Biobrick Number
Pectin Lyase Pnl BBa_K3349000
Pectin Lyase PelB BBa_K3349001
Pectin Lyase PelC BBa_K3349002
Pectin Lyase Pnl-GFP BBa_K3349003
Pectin Lyase PelB-GFP BBa_K3349004
Pectin Lyase PelC-GFP BBa_K3349005