Team:Lethbridge HS/Collaborations


University of Lethbridge Collegiate team

Throughout the course of this iGEM season, we have collaborated with the University of Lethbridge Collegiate Team in various ways. One of our teams’ student advisors, Dia Koupantsis, is an active member of the collegiate team and has offered valuable help and advice during our project’s development. Additionally, we have collaborated on the creation of our wiki, as they gave us some helpful tools in order to structure our wiki as well as some support from member Abel Belay. Additionally, the collegiate team is currently assisting us with our construct design.

Del Norte High School iGEM

Over the summer, our team worked in collaboration with the Del Norte High School iGEM team, in San Diego. Through several zoom meetings, we exchanged project proposals and gave each other feedback on our respective projects. Additionally, we collaborated with the team on a series of ethics workshops intended to increase our levels’ of understanding in ethical issues, particularly in a scientific aspect.

Ethics Workshop

To elaborate and reiterate the ethics workshops mentioned above, during this season, our team engaged in multiple ethical workshops and discussions. We began with an introduction to the basic principles of ethics, then moved on to discuss various case studies with U of L ethics professor Dr. Michael Stingl. Then, our advisors, including Dia from the collegiate team, presented on case studies on various bioethical topics. Following this workshop, we joined with the Del Norte High School team to listen to and discuss a presentation about the sociological impacts of iGEM projects, given by U of L collegiate team TA Fabian Rohden. This meeting was a collaboration between all three teams. Thereafter, our team members each chose an ethical case study, and presented each issue in groups to the San Diego team for furthered ethical discussion.