We hope our basic and composite parts are useful for iGEM teams in the future for probing immunopathologies and developing digital, sensitive response systems. Parts were designed as if to be used with the Mammalian MoClo system.

Some of the functionalities of our parts are:

  • CRISPR-based endoribonuclease (ERN) developed for use in the PERSIST platform, cleaving at a cut site. Citation: 10.1101/2019.12.15.867150
  • The regulatory cutsite that the CRISPR-based endoribonuclease (ERN) cleaves for, developed for use in the PERSIST platform. Citation: 10.1101/2019.12.15.867150
  • With binding of the nuclear transcription factor (nTF) to this response element upstream of a minimal constitutive promoter, we can create an "nTF sensitive promoter". Inspired by
  • With cleavage of this cutsite upstream of endoribonuclease Cas6, we can create an "OFF" switch for Cas6 translation. Inspired by 10.1101/2019.12.15.867150

Name Type Description
BBa_K3621000 Coding CasE (cleaving protein)
BBa_K3621001 Coding Csy4 (cleaving protein)
BBa_K3621002 Coding Cas6 (cleaving protein)
BBa_K3621003 Temporary Cas6 Cutsite
BBa_K3621004 Temporary Csy4 Cutsite
BBa_K3621005 Temporary CasE Cutsite
BBa_K3621006 Regulatory NF-kB responsive element
BBa_K3621007 Regulatory ELK-1 responsive element
BBa_K3621008 Coding scFv for IL-1
BBa_K3621009 Composite ELK-1 responsive promoter
BBa_K3621010 Composite NF-kB responsive promoter
BBa_K3621011 Regulatory CasE cutsite - Cas6
BBa_K3621012 Regulatory Csy4 cutsite - Cas6
BBa_K3621013 Regulatory Cas6 cutsite - scFv for IL-1
BBa_K3621014 Coding ELK-1 Responsive Promoter, CasE
BBa_K3621015 Coding NF-kB Responsive Promoter, Csy4

This page was written by Sangita Vasikaran.