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Ethan Henry Stefan Alice Lisa AkashD Carter Aditi AkashB Alyssa

MIT's 2020 iGEM Team is a diverse group of 6 MIT students, 1 JHU student, and 1 Phillips Academy High School student. We are working on a project on immunomodulation to combat the cytokine storm induced by COVID-19 using engineered mammalian cells.

Team Members

  • Ethan Levy

  • Sangita Vasikaran

  • Diani Jones

  • Erin Kim

  • Rachel Shen

  • Dana Osei

  • Erin Shin

  • Stuti Khandwala


  • Miles George

  • Dr. Ron Weiss

  • Dr. Deepak Mishra

  • Malik George

  • Melody Wu

  • Ben Allsup

  • Kristina Stoyanova


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3rd year Biomedical Engineering

Age? 20

Where are you from? From a little bit of everywhere.

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Favourite microbe? Deinococcus radiodurans