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MIT's 2020 iGEM Team is a diverse group of 4 MIT students, 1 JHU student, and 1 Phillips Academy High School student. We are working on a project on immunomodulation to combat the cytokine storm induced by COVID-19 using engineered mammalian cells.

Team Members

  • Ethan Levy

  • Sangita Vasikaran

  • Erin Kim

  • Rachel Shen

  • Erin Shin

  • Stuti Khandwala


  • Miles George

  • Dr. Ron Weiss

  • Dr. Deepak Mishra

  • Malik George

  • Melody Wu

  • Ben Allsup

  • Kristina Stoyanova

Meet our Team Members

Ethan smiling at the camera

Ethan Levy

Ethan Levy is a freshman at Johns Hopkins University studying biomedical and electrical engineering. He joined iGEM as an opportunity to learn and contribute more to the medical field in the future. Interested in bioengineering and synthetic biology, he hopes to explore the applications of electrical engineering to the field of biomedicine. Outside of research he is usually found taking long walks (often on the beach) or making memes.

Ethan smiling at the camera

Sangita Vasikaran

Sangita Vasikaran is a sophmore majoring in Bioengineering and minoring in Design. She joined iGEM to be a part a global community of doers, as well as to ideate with creative, kind people. She is intrigued by the intersection of biotech and the human experience–be it through nature-inspired materials and art, the future of food, or bioethics. Sangita is an EMT with MIT EMS, helps organize Cellular Agriculture @ MIT and the Huang-Hobbs Biomakerspace student group, and loves to cook (currently pursuing breads from across the world!).