Outreach and Engagement with Other Teams

We realised that communicating our research outside and storing it in iGEM collections would help increase the impact of our work.

Hence we contributed two papers to the iGEM Journal Proceedings 2020, an initiative led by the iGEM team from Maastricht University. One of them was a review on the pathology, progression, and intervention methods on COVID-19 as understood by our team from the extensive literature search we performed for our project. The other paper detailed our work in a formal scientific paper format. We are pleased to say that after the peer review rounds and revisions, our papers have finally been published in the journal. It can be viewed here: 

Additionally, we added the prominent COVID-19 cytokine storm biomarkers we found and used for our project to the iGEM disease biomarkers database, an initiative by the University of Rochester team to provide a free and easy way to lookup specific biomarkers for the future and also to keep a track of which teams are tackling which biomarkers. It can be viewed here:

This page was written by Stuti Khandwala and Sangita Vasikaran