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Nowadays, the occurrence of T2DM2 is common. According to statistics, by 2017, the number of patients with T2DM2 worldwide had reached 425 million, including 144 million in China. In other words, on average, one in 10 Chinese people has type 2 diabetes. What's worse, type 2 diabetes is very harmful to the human body, such as significantly increasing the incidence of heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Given the seriousness of the situation, we are desperate to find a cure for the disease.



After studying current treatments for type 2 diabetes, we found that most of them, like metformin, Rocco, Pico, and acarbose, have extremely severe side effects that impose financial burdens on families and society. So we wanted to develop a platform to screen for better drugs. After identifying our research topic, we began to turn our ideas into reality. First, we divided our team into dry and wet groups. Our WET team is guided by Dr. Lu and Dr. Zhao from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, majoring in biology. They are committed to the cultivation and research of the FXR screening platform. Our DRY Group team is led by Ms. He who graduated from the university. We come from all over China with a common mission to treat type 2 diabetes through synthetic biology.


Finally, we would like to share one encouraging word that gave us the original motivation for this project: You may not know synthetic biology, but you have to think big, innovate, and be ambitious; As an old Chinese saying goes, everything comes to him who waits. We believe that the progress of science is the constant exploration of the unknown. Although we are just a team of high school students, we can still put our eyes on the unknown areas and finally reach our goals through constant exploration and innovation.



Introduction to our team


We are counter sugar. This name derives from the famous game: counter-strike. Just like it, our abbreviation is CS too. The intention of having this name is using a familiar item, such as this world-famous game, to attract more audience to our project. Besides, this name gives all of our team members a motivation to fight against terrorists in the health world----T2DM2. We hope the counter strike can give us the courage to keep going forward and give the luck of accomplishing something to this new team.


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