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1. The majority of patients with type 2 diabetes. China's diabetic patients ranks second in the world, and more than nine hundred thousand people die of diabetes every year, only after cancer and stroke. Moreover, At present, there are still many problems with the drugs on the market .Therefore, the research has a great market prospect.


  1. Any digital communication apps.  Like TikTok live broadcast,bilibili,tweet and we also have our wechat channel,It has a detailed introduction to our team and the project. And these online apps can help us conduct propaganda in a wider range of people. Offline, we have done several forums and presentations in the surrounding communities. Besides,periphery commodities which mark our subjects can make our subjects well-known to more people.


  1. Our research can lead to more effective targeted therapies, so we can work with pharmaceutical companies to put our research ideas into practice. Secondly, our research results can also be provided to the researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to lay a foundation for the cure of diabetes.


 4. I think in the way of developing our finding, there are a lot of issues related to safety needing consideration. We must be cautious about the toxicity of the the found antagonist which may hurt human beings, and the animal tests are thus even more necessary. We also need to focus on the possible damage to body by repress its normal functioning and thus there are still a lot to do in the future.


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