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The aim of our team is to develop a screening platform for FXR antagonists against the T2DM2. We use fund-raising activities to raise more funds for our project research, as well as to introduce our team to the society.


Peripheral products

In order to further promote our team project and obtain certain project funds, we designed our own team uniform and sold it in Taobao online store. We used large part of our budget to design and purchase 25 t-shirts, 10 hats and 30 canvas bags. We have put our logos and team name on all these products. To regain our investments, we used both online and offline methods to promote our products.

Some of our products are still available in our online stores. Here are some pictures of our fund-raising products.




The distribution of our raised fund: 5000RMB to pay our starting up budget, and the rest we decided to reinvest all into our future promotion as our team's fund. We planned to use this money mainly on renting places and promotion of our brand. We want to show the ones who donated money to us how we are using it, and show them that our project is worth investing in.





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