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Leader: Ziyan Xin

The team leader always makes outstanding contributions. He spends a lot of time designing experiments, organizing the sequence of experiments, and guiding other people's experimental operations. After work, he also in charge of designing a survey on people's knowledge of diabetes, and obtained a lot of data, and wrote an analysis of it. He also assigns work to every one according to their personality and specialization.


IT staff: Junyu Pei

Since joining the team, IT members have been working on the construction and maintenance of WeChat public accounts and related Internet work like creating a public account and then publishing tweets about our work and the problem we are intending to solve. Secondly, take a video of team members' speeches on diabetes through the camera, and upload them to various short videos or video platforms such as bilibili and Douyin, so that more people have a certain understanding of diabetes.


Experimenters: Yuyang Lu

In the past few months, our experimenters led you to do many experiments and recorded the detailed process of each experiment. Even sometimes at night, our experimenters would tap the keyboard to describe the day’s experiment in detail. The name and usage of the equipment used in the experiment, the name of the solution and the name of the cell used in the experiment, and their dosage.


Expert viewer and recorder: Juncheng Wu & Guanling Kong

In October 2020, our team conducted a series of interviews with experts on diabetes research and treatment and then asked questions about diabetes-related issues at the first level. They ask and recorded the questions like cell experiment, animal experiment, human experiment, and clinical trails


Dry team leader: Shiyuan Zhou

The team leader is doing all the work outside the experiment, such as designing the team logo. There are online diabetes science popularization and team propaganda video shooting, and team propaganda video script production. Secondly, he also designed the team uniforms of the cs team and peripheral products such as T-shirts and handbags, and other daily necessities. Although the captain of the dry team, he also participated in the various links of the experiment like a member of the wet team. The results of our experiments are publicized in schools



Academic Consultants

Prof. Xiao, China Pharmaceutical University

Prof. Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Biological Science

Prof. Han, Wuhan Polytechnic University

Prof. Shen, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Mr. Ding WU & Mr. Youtao Xie, Bejing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou

Academic support in biological science and project improvement

Prof. Chu, Fudan University

Academic support in Social science and business


Primary Investigator

Ke Zhu

Project brainstorming, overall supervision of the team


Dr. Cuicui Liu

Ms. Yangyang Kong

Wet group planning, experiments guidance and results analysis support

Mr. Xin Lu 

Dry Group planning and instructions


Supporting Organizations

Bejing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou

Shanghai Xuhui Siqiao Science & Technology Research Center

Science and Technology CommissionXuhuiShanghai




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