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Part: BBa_K3524005


To build up a regulable genetic circuit, we chose the bio-sensor (nahR gene and Psal promoter) for the detection of salicylic acid we adopted is originally on the chromosome of Pseudomonas Stutzeri. With the appearance of salicylic acid, the protein translated from nahR binds with PsaI promoter and initiates the expression of the enhancer green fluorescent protein (EGFP).

Furthermore, our team has verified this bio-sensor worked well. The future iGEM teams can exchange the EGFP to other functional proteins to make some significant utiles.


Part: BBa_K3524006


Our team chooses an essential gene GAPDH, which belongs to Tatumella citrea, which can provide phosphorus for crops to replace the EGFP. As a result, in the presence of salicylic acid, GAPDH can be expressed, and T. citrea can survive. Since salicylic acid is a root exudate, this genetic circuit that T. citrea can commensalism with crops.




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