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Safety rules:

Here are some basic lab rules:

1. No running or sudden movements in the lab.

2. No eating in the lab.

3. All experiment wastes must be thrown in a designated bin.

4. All pipettes must be sanitized after use.

5. All equipment used must follow the users’ manual.

6. Experiments can only be performed with proper PPE.

7. All personnel must wash their hand upon entry into the laboratory and wear suitable clothing.

8. Work surfaces should be decontaminated everyday.

9. Wash our hands after handling material containing bacteria.


Possible Risks:

Here are the microorganisms involved in this experiment:

Tatumella Citrea (ATCC 39140)

Biosafety level 1

The Phosphate solubilizing bacteria targeted as the subject of genetic engineering. We aimed to use two plasmids to complete the system that restricts the bacteria based on bio-sensor.

Escherichia coli

Biosafety level 1

The medium by which the plasmids of vectors and segments we used (pUC57, pTrc99k, pMW118, and pEGFP)

Other materials used are dried primers

The dye used during the PCR might be cancerogenic if it is touched without PPE



All of the experiments are conducted under controlled environment in ATLATL innovation lab (Biosafety level 1) with the supervision from both the lab and from local institution (Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai). Before conducting the experiment, all of the members are well-trained.

There are no animals involved in the experiments, and the genetically modified bacteria are strictly contained to prevent the potential risks.

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