One of the things we loved this year was being able to collaborate with the other teams while working on our project. We had the pleasure of meeting several teams and we discovered many other projects thanks to the collaboration we have created and those in which we have participated and will participate in the near future.

This is one of the aspects of the iGEM competition that we strongly appreciate, sharing, discovering, meetings, while promoting synthetic biology. We would like to thank all the teams with whom we have collaborated. You will find below all the collaborations we had the pleasure to get involved in or create.
Our Art Exhibition
One of iGEM's key concepts is diversity, interdisciplinarity, creativity, and sharing with others around the world. With this in mind, we have created an art exhibition project that promotes the valorization of green algae and denounces environmental problems. Through this project, we also wanted to promote diversity in the iGEM community by sharing each other's projects and also promote synthetic biology.

We therefore announced our collaboration on Instagram and several teams quickly expressed their interest. We’ve had the pleasure to exhibit the artworks of Team Sorbonne, Team Unesp Brazil, Team iBowu, Team Jiangnan, Team Athens, Team Marseille, Team Estonia. In all, we have exhibited the works at the university library of the Faculty of Science in Nantes (Since October 8th), where it reached a lot of students in the scientific field, doctors and researchers; at the “Village des Sciences” during the “Fête des Sciences” (October 9th to 11th) where we held a stand and we met around 400 people, middle school and high school students, scientific and non-scientific people; also we will soon be exhibiting them at La Maison Des Hommes Et Des Techniques (November), an historical and cultural place in downtown Nantes, we expect to reach many people from many horizons. We were also fortunate enough to get artworks by artists and professionals. Also, we exchanged an artwork of our creation - on the theme of microbiology - with iGEM Estonia who is doing a similar exhibition project.

We would like to thank all the teams who participated and without whom this would not be possible, as well as all the artists.

Virtual exhibition with iGEM Athens team

As we announced on our social networks about our intention to create an art exhibition, iGEM Athens contacted us. They wanted to make an art exhibition as well. They proposed us to make a virtual exhibition together from the exhibitions we have made or will make, and this by scanning with an application on smartphones, the rooms where the artworks are displayed. Everyone with a link would have access to this great final exhibition. Art, science and synthetic biology will be highlighted in different forms.
Unfortunately, due to the current situation and the health crisis, iGEM Athens was not able to hold their physical exhibition, so we decided to postpone the virtual exhibition to next year.

Click on the dots below to display the slideshow and see all the artworks. You can find more explanations in the section Education and Engagement.

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iGEM Marseille
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iGEM Estonia
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iGEM Jiangnan
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iGEM Nantes
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iGEM Sorbonne
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iGEM Athens
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iGEM iBowu
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iGEM Unesp Brazil
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Sigma.2000 - Artist
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Sigma.2000 - Artist
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Sigma.2000 - Artist
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Sigma.2000 - Artist
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Sigma.2000 - Artist
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Russel Marx - Photograph

Video Call-Team Aachen
We contacted the Aachen team to discuss our respective projects and exchange ideas. We learned more about their M.A.R.S (Magnetic ATP Recycling system) project. The Aachen team wants to create a bioreactor capable of regenerating cyclic ATP through the use of light. We then discussed the conception and design of bioreactors as we plan to manufacture our own, which will use a different design than theirs. It was still very interesting to discover their design and we took advantage of this opportunity to share ideas and insights.
Video Call-Team Marseille
The team of Marseille deals with the same topic as us: green tides. With their project Make Some Rham-noise they aim at the production of bioethanol while we aim to produce sulfuric acid. We made and participated in a few zoom calls. Unfortunately, we could not collaborate as our projects are too different. Nevertheless, our exchanges were really interesting.
iJET Video
The COVID crisis hit us all unexpectedly. And several teams found themselves having to meet their members through video calls only. In addition, since the Giant Jamboree was cancelled in Boston, we won't be able to meet the different teams. The Aachen and Darmstadt teams found a way to connect us in a different way: by creating the iJET project, a video project where each team will have to film themselves with a paper airplane to finally have the illusion that we are all connected. From Europe to Asia, the iJET plane flew all around the world. The video is available on the instagram accounts of team Aachen and team Darmstadt.
Postcards Collaboration

As every year, the iGEM Duesseldorf team continued their tradition and launched the postcard challenge, a concept that promotes synthetic biology. It is with pleasure that our team participated in the collaboration. Indeed, it is a project that brings together several teams around the world and also encourages creativity, sharing and demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of iGEM teams. The concept: each team creates a postcard on synthetic biology with a text about their project in several copies, and sends it to Dusseldorf. They then dispatch them and send each participating team a postcard from each other team. This year, 50 teams participated. For more fun, we decided to create 25 different pairs of cards with different characters in order to challenge the other teams to find the pair of their cards and therefore encourage exchanges. All the characters on each card have been drawn by Jonathan, our teammate, which makes all of them unique, although they can be associated with each other. Just like that, you can find a duo of Mario and Luigi.

Some of the French-speaking teams joined forces to create the iGEM FR video. Through this video, eleven different teams, iGEM Sorbonne, iGEM Ionis, iGEM Evry, iGEM Go-Paris Saclay, iGEM Bettencourt, iGEM Toulouse, iGEM Marseille, iGEM Montpellier, iGEM Lausanne, iGEM Grenoble and ourselves, iGEM Nantes, showed our different cities, our teams and our projects. Initiated by iGEM Grenoble, this project brought together the French-speaking teams. We created the logo based on the iGEM logo and the Francophonie flag. We enjoyed sharing this project with the French teams.

The video is available on our social media.
COVID video
The MSP-Maastricht team created a word search puzzle on Instagram. This consisted of searching a list of given words in grids filled with letters that had different themes. If resolved, the remaining letters formed a word. All the solutions had something in common, and which was the password. Our team, very enthusiastic, found the answer and answered very quickly. Thereby, we won a video collaboration with the Maastricht team. So we had a zoom meeting and we proposed to talk about the impact of COVID 19 on our different teams because we were curious to know how two different teams from different countries experienced this pandemic. Together, we drew up a list of nine questions to answer. The iGEM Aachen team joined the collaboration, so we were three teams to answer the questions. Each team filmed themselves answering the questions. You can find the different videos on the YouTube channel of the Maastricht team: Geneducation.

Journal Initiative
Team MSP-Maastricht invited us to get involved in their project, the journal initiative, for which we had to write a scientific paper based on our project. Afterward, we participated in the peer-review phase of the collaboration, by commenting on other team’s papers. The last phase of the collaboration consisted of taking into account the reviews and comments done on our article and correcting it. In the end, a paper journal will be printed, gathering the best articles, and our article was chosen and will be printed. Also, an online version will regroup every article sent as part of the collaboration. You can read our article here
Flyer Translation
We came across a publication from the iGEM Athens team who was looking for teams capable of translating their pollution flyer into several languages. We jumped at the opportunity to offer them a translation of the texts into French, which is the main language of our team, and into Bulgarian, the native language of one of our members, Natali. The idea was to make this flyer as accessible as possible in order to raise awareness about pollution.Find down below the flyer in two versions, click on them to learn more.

our mascot olga