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Team:PYMS GZ China/Collaborations

Jaya VS COVID-19 Coloring Book Translations

After finishing the English version of our coloring book, our team decided we wanted to translate our coloring book into different languages and distribute it worldwide to reach a wider audience. In order to do so, we reached out through our website and invited teams to collaborate. We created a form with the words of each page on each question which would allow teams to translate the words and submit it in the form of an answer. We managed to get in contact with Brno_Czech_Republic, Edinburgh, and iGEM Athens. These teams graciously translated our coloring book into Czech, Spanish, Italian and Greek. Our team also translated the coloring book into Chinese. After translating, we distributed the translated coloring books to iGEM teams around the world and they promoted the coloring book as well. This gave us the wider outreach we were hoping for and allowed us to have a greater field of influence.

Collaboration with CSMU_Taiwan and NCKU_Tainan from Taiwan
Collaboration on “Public health eDucation” – "I've Gotta PhD"!

This collaboration focused on the following topics of public health education: science communication, basic health care, mental health, breaking discrimination and racism, research, and international health care organizations. Guidelines for each topic were provided in a slideshow and submissions of any format were welcome, including journals, posts, articles, videos, podcasts, art, and anything else. All submissions were published in the Taiwan team’s Facebook Fan Page "I've gotta PhD.” We decided to draw an infographic-style poster on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic to submit for this collaboration. The poster includes different struggles one may be facing during the pandemic and also different ways to alleviate stress caused by it.

CCA iGEM Team Collaboration

Our team decided to coordinate a virtual meeting with the CCA iGEM team in order to practice our presentation and gain any other helpful feedback we could use to improve our final product. The CCA team also presented their work with us and we gave them some constructive ideas in order to help them better their presentation as well. It was incredibly helpful to have some fresh eyes to look over our project, and we gained knowledge of new information that we weren’t aware of before. For example, members of the CCA iGEM team suggested that we condense our lab work description in our presentation in order to make it easier to follow, and we didn’t realize this before. We also got some tips about the Jamboree from the leader of their team who had participated in iGEM before. Overall, this meeting was very beneficial and both of our team’s projects improved after we discussed with each other.