We thank Tsinghua University High School for its immense support in our competition effort. Tsinghua University High School has provided us with experimental sites and funds, which has provided us with many conveniences in the process of experimentation and teaching. At the same time, the leaders and teachers of Tsinghua University High School provided us a generous amount of education and guidance. Hence, we are very grateful to our primary PI Wang Shiqi, teacher from the Tsinghua University High School for her continuous support in this enterprise.
It’s our pleasure to be the cooperating partner with Beijing ZENO Company. During the whole process, ZENO company has gave us great supporting on the guidance to our teammates, techniques and funds. ZENO company assisted us to held up our meetup and offline activities. Therefore, we are also very grateful to our instructor Zhang Xing who applied many useful suggestions on how to better conduct our project and share this experience of iGEM.
We would like to thank to iGEM, we have gained a lot in this process. Thanks to all the teams which communicate and collaborate with us.
The Beijing Taide Medicine Production Company and the YouCare Medicine Corporation also provided professional guidance and assistance for the development of our project, which we are greatly grateful for. We thank Ma Yue, for helping us find experts in various fields so that we can know the first-hand information relevant to our project.
Thanks to Tian Cheng Yuan Tong, BioDee, BGI, TransGen Biotech, GENEWIZ, J&K Scientific and other biological companies for providing us necessary experimental instruments and materials. We are also grateful to Haidian District Vocational School, which has provided us with facilities for experimentation throughout the summer.
We are very grateful to the people from all walks of life who have accepted our interviews and provided us with important information and valuable opinions which have guided us in our research. We are grateful to our parents and family for not only supporting us during our participation in this competition, but also providing us with funds and research opportunities.



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