Table 1. Basic Parts

Part Name Short Description
BBa_K3457009 CAHS 89226 with a 6X His tag
BBa_K3457011 CAHS 94205 with a 6X His tag
BBa_K3457012 CAHS 106094 with a 6X His tag
BBa_K3457013 CAHS 107838 with a 6X His tag
BBa_K3457014 SAHS 33020 with a 6X His tag
BBa_K3457015 sfGFP (A green fluorescent protein with 6X His tag)
BBa_K3457040 LEA (a plant resistance relative protein)
BBa_K3457041 OtsBA (two enzymes from bacteria that can convert glucose into trehalose)
BBa_K3457020 CAHS 106094 with His tag and AAV tag
BBa_K3457021 CAHS 106094 with 6X His tag and pdtA
BBa_K3457059 Dsup

Table 2. Composite Parts

Part Name Short Description
BBa_K3457032 T7-Olac-RBS-CAHS 89226
BBa_K3457033 T7-Olac-RBS-CAHS 94205
BBa_K3457034 T7-Olac-RBS-CAHS 106094
BBa_K3457035 T7-Olac-RBS-CAHS 107838
BBa_K3457036 T7-Olac-RBS-SAHS 33020
BBa_K3457037 T7-Olac-RBS-sfGFP
BBa_K3457039 T7-Olac-RBS-SAHS 33020-T7-Olac-CAHS 106094
BBa_K3457042 T7-Olac-RBS-LEA
BBa_K3457043 T7-Olac-RBS-OtsBA
BBa_K3457044 J23100-Olac-RBS-CAHS 106094 pdtA
BBa_K3457045 J23100-Olac-RBS-CAHS 106094 AAV
BBa_K3457046 J23100-Olac-RBS-CAHS 106094
BBa_K3457047 J23100-Olac-RBS-CAHS 107838
BBa_K3457048 J23100-Olac-RBS-sfGFP
BBa_K3457049 J23107-Olac-RBS-CAHS 106094
BBa_K3457050 J23107-Olac-RBS-CAHS 107838
BBa_K3457051 J23107-Olac-RBS-sfGFP
BBa_K3457052 J23109-Olac-RBS-CAHS 106094
BBa_K3457053 J23109-Olac-RBS-CAHS 107838
BBa_K3457054 J23109-Olac-RBS-sfGFP
BBa_K3457055 Arac-Pbad-CAHS 106094
BBa_K3457056 Arac-Pbad-GFP
BBa_K3457057 Arac-Pbad-mflon
BBa_K3457058 UA sensor-dsRed-J23100-CAHS 106094


Bronze: BBa_J23100 BBa_J23107 BBa_I0500

Silver: BBa_K3457009

Gold: Existing: BBa_K2306010; New: BBa_K3457039

Part Collection

We made a part collection to summarize the parts useful in freeze-drying live cells. Please check the Part Collection page.



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