What's our attribution this year?

     Our team leaders, Yixian Yang and Zhandong Jiao managed our team. Under the leadership of them, every member had clear task goals and totally we did most of the work about our project.

Project design: Yeqi Wong came up with the idea. Yixian Yang, Shao Chang, Bert Shan, Siyuan Wang, Marco Xue, Junfei (Sophie) Li and Bohan Zhang were also took an active part in project design.

Wet lab: Yixian Yang is in charge of this group. Shao Chang, Bert Shan, Zhandong Jiao and Yixian Yang finished most molecular cloning. Siyuan Wang, Yiming Tang and Celine Siu Ham Zhang took part in molecular cloning. In addition, Marco Xue also gave some help. Xinyuan Wang, Sizhe Duan and Yixian Yang finished most functional verification experiments: freeze-drying, SDS-PAGE, etc. Zhandong Jiao and Yixian Yang did the cytology experiments. Junfei (Sophie) Li and Bohan Zhang contributed a lot to detect the optimal experimental conditions at the initial stage of our project.

Human Practices: Zhandong Jiao is in charge of this group. Yixian Yang and Zhandong Jiao finished most interviews. Junfei (Sophie) Li and Bohan Zhang also took part in some interviews. Marco Xue and Siyuan Wang helped to find pharmaceutical factoris and freeze-drying workshops. Siyuan Wan, Marco Xue, Zhandong Jiao, Shao Chang and Bert Shan visited two pharmaceutical factoris, while Yixian Yang, Junfei (Sophie) Li, Bohan Zhang, Celine Siu Ham Zhang, Yiming Tang, Xinyuan Wang and Sizhe Duan visited one.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Sizhe Duan is in charge of this group. Sizhe Duan did the most communication. Zhandong Jiao organized a 11-team meetup and Sizhe Duan was the host. Sizhe Duan, Shao Zhang and Siyuan Wang introduced our project during several meetups. Many members took part in the meetups. Yeqi Wong, Xiyuan Wang and Yixian Yang discussed a lot with other teams.

Science Communication: Zhandong Jiao is in charge of this group. Yixian Yang gave lessons to middle school students. Zhandong Jiao organized Synthetic Biology Festival. Yixian Yang operates WeChat blog and Bohan Zhang gave some help. Zhandong Jiao operates video websites. Many members took part in preparing the Online Student Carnival and Synthetic Biology Festival.

Model: Yixian Yang did the basic model and Jiangshan Gao did the advanced model. Yeqi Wong did the literature research. James Haorui Wang took part in the discussion of Matlab software.

Wiki: Xinyuan Wang is in charge of this group. Xinyuan Wang determined the design and wrote the HTML & CSS code of the wiki. Celine Siu Ham Zhang gave the manuscript of the wiki design. Marco Xue and Bert also gave some help during designing the style of our wiki.

Art: Zhandong Jiao designed the logo, while Celine Siu Ham Zhang and Yixian Yang gave him help. Junfei (Sophie) Li designed our team uniform, while Celine Siu Ham Zhang took part in the design. Junfei (Sophie) Li and Bohan Zhang designed our mascot. Celine Siu Ham Zhang designed our souvenirs. Celine Siu Ham Zhang, Junfei (Sophie) Li, Bohan Zhang and Yixian Yang draw pictures when necessary.

Others: Yiming Tang and Jiangshan Gao helped to collect some homeworks. Yiming Tang and Sizhe Duan took a lot of photos and videos.


Code: Xinyuan Wang
Illustrations: Celine Siu Ham Zhang, Junfei (Sophie) Li, Bohan Zhang, Yixian Yang.
Attributions: Marco Xue (writing); Zhandong Jiao (proofreading).
Project Description: Sizhe Duan.
Contribution: Yiming Tang (writing); Yixian Yang, Celine Siu Ham Zhang (proofreading).
Engineering Success: Yiming Tang (writing); Yixian Yang, Celine Siu Ham Zhang (proofreading).
Collaboration: Sizhe Duan (writing); Marco Xue (proofreading).
Human Practices: Yixian Yang, Zhandong Jiao.
Proposed Implementation: Yixian Yang (writing); Celine Siu Ham Zhang, Zhandong Jiao (proofreading).
Project Modeling: Jiangshan Gao, Yixian Yang.
Proof of Concept: Yixian Yang (writing); Celine Siu Ham Zhang (proofreading).
Partnership Sizhe Duan.
Science Communication: Yixian Yang, Zhandong Jiao.
Parts: Yixian Yang (writing); Celine Siu Ham Zhang, Shao Chang, Marco Xue, Zhandong Jiao (proofreading).
Protein Yixian Yang.
Team: Xinyuan Wang, Celine Siu Ham Zhang, Yeqi Wong.
Experiments: Yixian Yang, Siyuan Wang (writing); Zhandong Jiao (proofreading).
Notebook: Yixian Yang.
Design: Yixian Yang (writing); Zhandong Jiao, Celine Siu Ham Zhang (proofreading).
Acknowledgement: Marco Xue (writing); Zhandong Jiao (proofreading).

Other deliveries

Promotion video: Sizhe Duan, Bert Shan, Shao Chang, Zhandong Jiao.
Title & Abstract: Zhandong Jiao.
Presentation video: Sizhe Duan, Bert Shan, Shao Chang, Junfei (Sophie) Li, Siyuan Wang, Yixian Yang.
Poster: Bohan Zhang.
Safety form: Yixian Yang, Bert Shan, Shao Chang.

What others did this year?

     Without the help out of our team, we cannot achieve this project. Jijia Liu helped us did a Western Blot test to detect the expression of SAHS 33020. Our interviewers gave our important information and improvement suggestions. Our school, Tsinghua University High School, offered the laboratory and the experiment funds. Tsinghua University High School and Beijing Bayi School Affiliated Yuquan Middle School gave the chance for us to do the Science Communication. Our teachers and parents introduced some experts in related fields to us. Several companies supplied equipment, experimental materials and synthesized the gene fragments.
    Many iGEM team gave us useful advice. Team NEFU-China and Jilin_China gave us the arabinose sensor gene parts and helped us reappear our result in their laboratories. ZJUT_China_B also tried to add data for our gene parts. The three also gave us a lot of guidance. NFLS helped us find some interviewers.
Our Primary PI, Shiqi Wang and Instructor, Xing Zhang, did a lot of daily chores, such as ordering equipment and experimental materials. They kept measuring our body temperature and did some safeguard procedures to prevent COVID-19. They supervised us to ensure safety when we were doing experiments. They also gave us necessary guidance about experimental technique. During finishing our wiki and videos, Xing Zhang seriously checked our work to avoid mistake. Some other teachers from Tsinghua University High School and ZENO company, our advisors also gave us necessary guidance.
    We reference the Notebook page of QHFZ-China 2019 to write our protocols.

To summarize our work this year from another point of view.

Marco Xue : Art, WIKI
Junfei (Sophie) Li : Safety, Lab, Art
Zhandong Jiao : HUMAN PRACTICES, Collaboration, Lab
Celine Siu Ham Zhang : ART, Wiki, Lab
Shao Chang : LAB, Collaboration
Bert Shan : LAB, Human Practices
Siyuan Wang : LAB, Human Practices
JiangshanGao : MODEL
Wang Haorui: model
Bohan Zhang : Safety, ART, Lab, wiki
Xinyuan Wang : WIKI, Lab
Yiming Tang: Lab
Yixian Yang: LAB, HUMAN PRACTICES, wiki, model
The birth of our project is credited to our team member Yeqi Wong.



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