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Velcrion Mobile App

This app would be compatible with the biosensor to interpret levels of hormones and minerals alongside other critical and trackable factors for CKD patients, including: mood, activity level, blood pressure, meal details, bowel movements, weight, pronounced symptoms, and any changes in medication. This would consolidate the patient’s data to be interpreted by their healthcare provider for a more holistic approach to care. Particularly critical will be the ability for the app to alert the patient’s healthcare provider if they face the risk of sudden death through cardiac arrest due to elevated potassium levels – a serious and previously invisible risk for dialysis patients between their treatments, which could be mediated by immediate medical attention.


Patient-centered care such as this is an important new direction in modern treatment to improve quality of life, as emphasized by a geriatric internist we consulted. For example, weight tracking can help users with diabetes, which is a very common comorbidity to CKD, measure fluid retention. This fluid retention can then be related to blood pressure and warn of further complications.

Data security was a top consideration and, as discussed in human practices, an application data security specialist assured that security measures could be integrated to provide a safe link to a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), for secure access to this data by the patient’s healthcare provider and themselves only.