Team:Queens Canada/Software



Throughout our summer we spent a lot of time modifying our proteins, and exploring the implications of such modifications on our constructs as a whole. To perform these modifications, we had to consult with several molecular dynamics, and protein experts at Queen’s University, along with doing hours of individual research to learn about modifying our proteins. Clearly a lot of groundwork had to be made prior to confidently modifying our proteins.

To expedite the process of protein modification, Team Queens Canada built a software tool to help the iGEM and synthetic biology community, along with anyone else interested in protein modification. This software is MutaGuide, and is a tool to help iGEM teams optimize residue replacement in proteins, promoting several applications in protein modification including protein immobilization.

MutaGuide was built using Python, and we hope that it can provide synthetic biologists, biochemists, and engineers an easy, effective way to optimize protein modifications.