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Parts Overview


Every year, we upload our DNA sequences of our synthetic proteins to the iGEM Registry of Standard Biological Parts. This is an open access registry, anyone is welcome to use and test our sequences, and is a great way to spark collaboration. This year is no exception to that precedence – in total this year we uploaded 16 parts to the registry. A large number indeed, we needed a variety of parts to detect multiple analytes and composite parts to make analyte detection fluorescent.

Our parts are all BioBrick RFC[10] compatible and may be stored in a compatible backbone like pSB1C3. We’ve codon optimized all of our DNA sequences to be compatible with the restriction digests; EcoRI, XbaI, SpeI, PstI, and NotI.

And since all constructs use the same fluorophores mNeonGreen and mCherry, this modularity of design adds to its simplicity (and maintenance should more advanced fluorophores be developed).
Plasmid Overview
We used BBa_K1761003 for mNeonGreen and BBa_J176005 for mCherry, both existing and well characterized parts in the registry. To read more about our selection process and assembly of these protocols we recommend you read our protocols section.

Parts List

                      List Table
Note: Troponin C (calcium) and vitamin D receptors were excluded from the final biosensor device based on the clinical advice of physicians and researchers. However, they are still listed for others to use.