Team:Beijing 4ELEVEN/Collaborations

Collaboration with SHSBNU_China

SHSBNU_China is an iGEM team from The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University. Their project's aim is to get rid of locusts by biological means. During the experiment of their project, a strain that can express GFP is needed as a positive control in the suicide switch construction. We provided them the strain with pSC101-PJExD-sfGFP so that their project can proceed smoothly.

Figure 1. Collaboration with SHSBNU_China

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Collaboration with BNDS_China

Both our team and BNDS_China's experiments incorporate the utilization of Pichia pastoris, so we had a discussion about approaches to transform plasmids into P. Pastoris. According to the experience of both teams' experiments, we finally determined an effective way to transform plasmids into P. pastoris. Meanwhile,in our friendly collaboration, we got E.Coli MG1655 from their benevolent donation, and provided them the sequence of the plasmid pPIC9K in return. The pleasing scent of their E.coli has greatly helped our experiment.

Figure 2. Collaboration with BNDS_China

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Collaboration with TPR_China

TPR_China is a united team with members from various high schools. During the project, we shared the lab together. By sharing the lab, both of the team members had help each other out in daily laboratory experiments, e.g. help to spot the mistake that causes the test failed, help to enhance the reliability of the test result, share lab equipment and consumable materials while others in need……

Figure 3. Collaboration with TPR_China

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