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Antibiotic abusing has been causing global headache of antibiotic resistance. The main sources of antibiotic abusing are medical therapy and breeding industry.
Antibiotic resistance not only causes damages to natural microorganisms, but also harms humans’ health even more.
It can make some bacteria superbugs or lead to resurgence of diseases that humans have brought under control. Doctors today are facing larger and larger difficulties in finding appropriate medicine for infection treatment.
To stop the antibiotic resistance worsening, thousands of environmental inspectors in China are sent out to measure antibiotic residues in the environment. This is important for antibiotic-abuse surveillance.

Doctors and inspectors are all trying their best to reduce antibiotic resistance. However, they are all facing with problems: their equipment is not effective enough.
For doctors, current techniques are either too expensive or time-consuming. In less-developed regions, patients or their samples need to be delivered to larger medical center to get tested. This will waste valuable time for treatment.
For environmental inspectors, they also need to transport samples to testing center, which leads to huge costs for sample transportation, sample preservation and human labor.

This year, ShanghaiTech_China designed a hero fighting against the devil of antibiotic resistance, whose name is CESAR.
CESAR, Cas12a-based Effective Solution to Antibiotic Resistance.
With designing CESAR, we first introduced Cas12a system into the field of antibiotics-related combined detection.

CESAR contains two devices with different purposes:

·CESAR-I is a portable and rapid-response device for on-site antibiotic-residue detection. By integrating the aptamer-sensing module, Cas12a-reporting module, and fluorescence-measuring module, it simplifies the process and lowers the cost of antibiotic-abuse surveillance.

·CESAR-II is designed for doctors' detecting ARGs. It has RPA amplification module, Cas12a-reporting module, and fluorescence-measuring module. It is cost-effective and can help eliminate the medical disparity caused by unbalanced economic development.

Users only need to simply add samples into CESAR and wait for very short time. Results will be generated automatically.
Trying to reduce the workload of these tests, we hope to make contribution to the fight against antibiotic resistance!

With the mighty power of our hero, CESAR, we may have a chance to end this war against the global antibiotic resistance crisis