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Plasmids contruction

TOPO cloning:

Hieff Clone® Zero TOPO-Blunt Cloning Kit -Hieff Clone® Zero TOPO-Blunt Cloning Kit.pdf


PrimeSTAR® Max DNA Polymerase -PrimeSTAR-Max-DNA-Polymerase—fast-and-high-fidelity-PCR.pdf

Tsingke Golden Mix -Tsingke Golden Mix.pdf

CWBIO 2×Es Taq MasterMix (Dye) -2×Es Taq MasterMix(Dye).pdf

DNA purification

DNA clean up:

TIANquick Midi Purification Kit -

DNA gel purification:

TIANgel Purification Kit -TIANgel Purification Kit-200903.pdf

Plasmid extraction:

TIANprep Rapid Mini Plasmid Kit -DP105 -TIANprep Rapid Mini Plasmid Kit-180103.pdf

RNA preparation

T7 in vitro transcription:

HiScribe™ T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit -,%20Manuals%20&%20Usage

RNA purification:

crRNA preparation -crRNA preparation.pdf

Cas12a preparation


Cas12a extraction and purification -Cas12a extraction and purification.pdf

Protein SDS-PAGE electrophoresis protocol -Protein SDS-PAGE electrophoresis protocol.pdf

Aptamer related materials


Aptamer-sensing protocol -Aptamer-sensing protocol.pdf