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We designed the parts J23102-Tyr1, J23102-TnaA-FMO, J23102-4,5-DODA, J23102-HpaBC-DDC, T7-laccase, and pTac-Tyr1 in various strains of bacteria (typically E. coli BL21 and Vibrio natriegens; TnaA-FMO was tested in E. coli DH5α; T7 promoters were tested in E. coli BL21 only). We used them to produce pigments, pigment precursors, and bacterial laccase. We then used the pigments or combined pigment precursors with laccase to dye hair. More information can be found in the results and engineering sections.

We additionally designed a model using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). We modeled the growth curve of E. coli and Vibrio natriegens under different conditions. This model shall be extremely widely used, and therefore can serve as an example for other teams that have similar objectives.

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