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PIs and Instructors

Shiyuan Li

As the team's first PI, Shiyuan is a Ph.D. graduate from the Chinese Academy of Science in microbiology. He mainly studied the heterologous biosynthesis of natural products and CRISPR related applications during his Ph.D. and published nearly 20 research papers. He was also the inventor of CRISPR-Cas12 nucleic acid detection and may apply for a patent for this technique. Unlike many other Ph.D.'s who appear to be distant from students, Shiyuan is a great teacher in the lab and an amiable friend in our free time.

Jiaheng Li

Jiaheng Li is the second PI of the team. He has rich experience in iGEM competitions and has won the gold medal and the Asian individual award. During his master's period, he was mainly engaged in research related to nervous system development. He is very strict in the teaching of experimental content and gives us a lot of help.

Jianzhao Yang

The team's instructor, Jianzhao Yang, is a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CEMPS, CAS). He got a bachelor's degree in Biology at the School of Life Science, Peking University, in 2019. Yang focuses on synthetic biology of photosynthesis researches and keeps developing new techniques about molecular cloning. Having taken part in iGEM since high school and having been the vice leader of Peking in 2018, he is very excited to join iGEM for the first time as an advisor and share his research experience with ambitious and talented high school students.

Student Leaders

Crystal Liu

Crystal is a high school senior at Shanghai Foreign Language School. Her favorite subjects include biology, chemistry, and mathematics. As a huge sports fan, she loves playing volleyball and watches volleyball and table tennis. She also loves food, taking photos, and traveling. She speaks English and French in addition to Chinese and is very interested in learning about different cultures. This is her second consecutive year participating in iGEM, and she has been delighted to lead this team during the past several months. Fun fact - she loves the sweet smell in the lab when the LB culture media has just been sterilized :)

Olivia Feng

Olivia Feng is a junior at Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School. She has a great passion for Biology and Computer Science. Piano and calligraphy have accompanied her for over ten years, which provides her with serenity in a busy life. Besides, she loves painting, playing saxophone, playing badminton, skiing, diving, and taking up challenges! She was glad to be elected as the Human Practices team leader and enjoyed spending time with the team. This is her first year to participate in iGEM, and she is longing to learn more in biology.

Monique Wang

Monique is a junior student at Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School. Her favorite fields of study include Biology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Economics. She is thinking about applying for Molecular Biology/Genetics for college. She also enjoys playing electric guitars, sketching, swimming, cooking (mainly creating), and playing several games. This is her first year to participate in iGEM, and she hopes to learn more detailed knowledge about microbiology!

Student Members

Kevin Bao

Kevin Bao is a junior at Qibao Dwight High School. He loves Biology and ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies), which studies humans and the whole ecosystem. He is also part of the fashion club at school, which focuses on Shanghai's traditional clothes development. He has played the piano for over ten years and always feels great confidence and joy while playing the piano. He is an open-minded and optimistic guy who looks on the bright side of everything and encourages himself while getting into trouble. He joined the iGEM this spring - although it was later than some other team members - but tried his best to contribute to the project's whole process.

Chuwen Cheng

Chuwen Cheng is a senior student at Shanghai Foreign Language School. Her favorite subjects are geography and biology. Outside of school, she likes drawing and playing the piano. Chuwen is learning Japanese because she is interested in Japan's delicacies and culture. She is now preparing to study biology at the university. This is her first time to participate in iGEM. She can't wait to work in a lab, and she is so into learning new knowledge of biology.

Ivy Ding

Ivy Ding is a 10th grader at Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School. She is really into Psychology and Biology, which she concludes as the essence of human beings. Having started learning crew in the spring, she found this sport extremely enjoyable and is planning to participate in an upcoming game in October. She loves musicals so much and hopes one day she can be a part of a grand musical. She is also drawn to languages, such as Spanish, French, Thai, and Korean. She enjoys every sort of feeling in life and welcomes different opportunities with joy. And here she is, taking part in iGEM for the first time.

Chenyu Gu

Chenyu Gu is a senior two student at Shanghai Foreign Language School. Her favorite subjects include chemistry and biology. In her leisure time, she likes drawing and watching some Japanese animation. She loves traveling and has traveled to many places. This is her first time participating in iGEM, and she hopes to contribute to the team in the competition.

Oscar Hang

Oscar is a junior at the Hun School of Princeton. His favorite classes include Biology, Mathematics, Medical Science, and Orchestra. Like many of his teammates, Oscar also speaks three languages - English, Mandarin, and Spanish. He is dedicated to sports. He is a member of the Hun School varsity crew and varsity swimming. Moreover, Oscar is fond of music. He played piano in the school Jazz band and performed at Princeton University as the school orchestra's leading alto sax player. Oscar is very interested in medical science, and now he is the vice president of the school's HOSA club. He partakes in iGEM this year to further expand his experience in the laboratory and understanding of biology.

Olive Li

Olive is now in 11th grade at Guanghua Cambridge International School. Her favorite subjects are biology and psychology. She is interested in both subjects and wants to choose one of them as her major in college. She prefers experiments to theories - one of the reasons she's taking part in iGEM this year. Outside the school curriculum, she is addicted to literature, especially fiction and poetry. At the same time, she takes up playing the guitar and singing by herself as her hobbies.

John Ling

John is a 5th form junior at Strathallan School from Scotland. He has a strong interest in Biology, Chemistry, and Math. As a huge fan of sports, John is now playing for the school rugby team, hockey team, and fives team, and he is learning archery. John can also play the piano and the guitar. It is the first time that John participates in iGEM. He is looking forward to learning more about biology and working in a lab.

Jeff Shan

Jeff is a sophomore at Stevenson School, a boarding school located in Pebble Beach, CA. His favorite classes include Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Japanese. He has an intense craving for sports. He plays JV football, JV basketball, and JV lacrosse at school, aiming for Varsity in his junior or senior year. Jeff can also play four instruments, including saxophone, accordion, piano, and guitar. He has participated in the school orchestra and Jazz Band. Jeff wants to eventually major in bioengineering in college. This is his first time participating in iGEM. He hopes that this opportunity can help him expand his understanding of biology and gain more experience.

Minhao Qin

Minhao Qin is a junior at the High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University. He likes playing badminton, playing video games, watching fan drama videos. He also occasionally draws pictures and makes 3D models. He joined iGEM because he is very interested in life sciences and medicine. Being intrigued by iGEM18_Marburg's Vibrio natriegens "toolbox," he hopes to create a unique "Dyeing Toolbox" with the team this year.

Chang Yuan

Chang Yuan is a senior two student at Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School. Her favorite subjects are biology and economics. Her hobbies are playing the piano, traveling, and listening to music. She wants to major in biology in college. This is her first time participating in iGEM. It's an excellent chance for her to learn more about biology, especially biology experiments.

Mingjiu Zhao

Mingjiu Zhao is a senior two student at Shanghai Foreign Language School. His hobbies include playing floorball and traveling. He has a great interest in science subjects, including chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc. He is now the president of his school's iGEM club. Sometimes he likes to go to the airport and take photos of airplanes as well. He attends several contests in mathematics and chemistry. And he is fond of playing some of his favorite songs on the piano as well. He's glad to join the iGEM team and cooperate with the teammates. From this competition, he hopes to gain experience to better take responsibility for his school club and make some lifelong friends.

Ken Zhu

Ken is a senior student at the Cranbrook Kingswood School in Michigan. He likes a wide variety of subjects, including biology, computer science, and history. His interests include reading, playing video games and board games, playing the violin, traveling, and learning new stuff every day. He has been a proud sailor in the school varsity for three years now and loves the sport. He's also a huge language aficionado. He's fluent in Chinese and English and has learned Spanish at school for over three years. It's his first time participating in iGEM, and he cherishes every moment working in the lab to gain more experience in the fascinating field of biology.


Cris Yuancheng Ding

Cris is an undergraduate studying BSc Biochemistry at Imperial College London. He would like to focus on research related to synthetic biology and crossing with business and finance in the recent future. Cris is keen on teaching us about fundamental knowledge in biology, tips on different experiments, and suggestions on HP and public engagement. He helped us successfully accomplish the speech at TEDx. As a former student of the International Baccalaureate curriculum, Cris is also a good friend to talk to about science, high-school courses, and university life.

Boqin Yang

Hi, I am Boqin Yang, currently learning at Ross school of business, a high school. I am 17-year-old, and I am a senior at my school. Biology is my favorite subject, and it’s also the major I am trying to apply for my college. I like it because I think it has the potential to boost the improvement of society and to make everyone happy. I often use my spare time to watch videos of evolution or zoology to learn. Besides biology, I also like to do sports, like basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. Last year, I attended to IGEM competition once, and our team got a gold award. This year, I interned in Bluepha Lab, working as an advisor of our teams. I learned a lot from those two experiences. I am looking to learn more in the future.

Xinyue Yu

Xinyue, as a team advisor, graduated from the City University of Hong Kong majoring in China Studies. During her graduate period, she mainly studied social science concepts such as participatory culture, fan economy and platform capitalism in consumerism and published related papers. Also, she received a certificate of distinction after graduation. As a complement to the lab's biology teacher, Xinyue makes students have more humanistic thinking in the lab. She is honored to join the iGEM team in Shanghai for the first time as an advisor, sharing her experience with these lovely high school students and playing the role of reconciling teachers and students.

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