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We wrote articles on our WeChat public account and made videos on a video platform, bilibili. We were also honored to be invited to an TEDx event to popularize synthetic biology, iGEM competition, and our project.

We have written 12 passages couting over 20,000 words in total on our WeChat public account. These passages include an introduction of our team, more detailed explanations of our objectives, and introduction to synthetic biology and microbiology. We got thousands of reads and likes.

Articles on our WeChat public account.

To further promote our project and popularize synthetic biology, we created a bilibili account. We made one video about Vibrio natriegens, our chassis organism other than E. coli. We plan to make another video about our experience in the lab, which will be released soon. We believe that videos can better convey the messages than words and images only.

Screenshots of the video about Vibrio natriegens on our bilibili account.

On September 13th, we had the precious opportunity to be invited to TEDx SSES as one of the speakers. In this presentation, we introduced the key points in synthetic biology, our project, and the iGEM competition. After the speech, a few students, teachers, and parents approached us to inquire more about the project.

Our team leader speaking at TEDx SSES.

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