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非模块化方式使用layui Entprenuership







EvnioR had a deep collaboration with Shylock in the fridge (SIF)in parts developing. Since both EnvioR and SIF are using the same plasmid (Pet28a) we exchange the understanding of the operation on the plasmid.


In the beginning, EnvioR planning to use a certain method called homologous recombination, which is methods combine Pet28a and the target DNA unit by overlapping the same DNA box at the ends of both DNA sequences. With the specialized temperature and special guidance materials, the ends part of both Pet28a and DNA units we created will open up and combine, forming a closed cycle.


On the other hand, the SIF used another technique required a specialized enzyme, cut the end of the plasmid Pet28a then combine with the developed DNA unit.


The way SIF develops their unit provides us a brand new idea of how to connect our parts with the Plasmid. While we encounter technical issues, we obtain their method and overcome the problems.



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