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Our project uses ER sensor protein, which is expressed in the universal safe host E. coli, for visual detection of estrogen molecules. The experiments involved in the project include basic molecular biology experiments, protein expressionand purification, as well as the use of X-gal, ONPG, a small amount of 17-β estradiol, or Bisphenol A standard. The above experiments can be completed in the standard molecular biology laboratory. The use of X-gal, ONPG, a small amount of 17 - β estradiol, and BPA standards met the requirements of chemical use and management. Therefore, the experimental process is safe and controllable.

Our project plans to develop a protein-based detection kit. The buffer and ONPG used are ordinary non-toxic reagents, which are non-toxic to human beings. The expressed ER sensor protein can decompose naturally in the environment and has no characteristics of growth, reproduction, and transmission, so it is also safe.


Q: What risks could your chassis pose to you or your colleagues in the laboratory, or to your community or the environment if they escape the lab?

A: The strains we used-Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) and are safe strains commonly used in molecular biology experiments and it will do not risk people’s safety.

Q: Will there be any safety, security, or ethical risks involved with such a use?

A:  No, our product is a detection to Bisphenol A, and the product does not contain toxic or harmful parts that will cause safety, security, or ethical risks.


Q: How will experts overseeing your project help to ensure safety?

A: Two doctors in biological sciences who have extensive knowledge and experiences in laboratorial safety and experimental procedures will guide us and make sure that we are strictly following the laboratory rules.


Q: What are the rules, training, containment, and other procedures and practices that will help to ensure safety and avoid the risks?

A: 1. Work surfaces will be decontaminated every day after the experiment ends.

     2. When walking into the laboratory area, always wear a protective white coat and gloves.

     3. Do not wearing used gloves to touch the public area like doorknob that other unprotected people can touch.

     4. All contaminated liquid or solid wastes are decontaminated before disposal

    5. No eating or drinking in the lab


Q: What are the safety, security, or ethical risks that will be caused by the lab tools and machines you will use?

A: We will use lab tools like PCR Amplifier, Gel Electrophoresis, gel-Imaging System, Ultrasonic Homogenizer and others. The tools and machines we will use will not cause risks if well follow the instruction.



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