We want to give a special thanks to all of our sponsors this year! Without them and their support, this project would not have been possible.

We would like to thank the Department of Plant Science and Environmental Sciences (PLEN) for all they have done for us, from allowing us into the laboratory during uncertain times where laboratory space was limited. Thank you for letting us use all the equipment we needed and admitting us into not just one, but two offices that were large enough for our group to work in despite the regulations caused by the global pandemic, Covid-19. A huge thank you is also in order for all the help we have gotten in terms of safety tours, information about regulations, and more from the staff at PLEN and all the scientific and managerial help we have received. Furthermore, PLEN also supplied us with our awesome sweatshirts, which we appreciate very much.
Our project would not have been possible without the financial aid that the Novo Nordisk Foundation provided us through their iGEM specific grant aimed towards Danish Universities. We are incredibly grateful for having received this grant and would never have achieved our goals the way that we have without it. Thank you so much!
As one of our largest sponsors, we would like to emphasize the huge contribution that the Promega Corporation has made to the CIDosis project. From being selected to receive the 2020 Promega iGEM grant and having our Virtual Jamboree registration fee paid for, promoting our team through sharing our story on their Guest Blog and generous discounts on products for our most crucial biosensor experiments, Promega has been with us from the start of our project. We would not have been where we are today without your help. A huge thanks to the Promega Corporation from the CIDosis team!
GenScript was so nice to provide us with a generous sponsorship for crucial biomarkers from their websites that were swiftly delivered and immediately used for our biosensor assays. Without them, our biosensor assays would not have been nearly as complete as they turned out!
Through ThermoFischer Scientific, we got a great discount on several purchases, including crucial inflammation biomarkers that were delivered within a short period of time for the completion of our biosensor assays. Thank you very much to ThermoFischer Scientific for contributing to our project with discounts for these great products!
The Benchling software has been used every day for our logbook and other laboratory-oriented purposes, including primer design and optimization. Thank you for helping us keep track of our literature, sources, and constructs that we needed to make to achieve success in the iGEM competition!
Through IDT’s offer of 20 kbp of free DNA, we have ordered many of the primers and synthetic DNA that we needed for our laboratory work. We were very happy with the quality. Thank you, IDT!
Thank you to Geneious Prime for supplying us with student licenses to use their software for the duration of the iGEM competition. Your software has been instrumental in our bioinformatics and modelling efforts. Without it, our dry lab experience would not have been nearly as good as it was.
Thank you very much to MathWorks for providing us with MathWorks licenses for your mathematical computing software. We have used it avidly throughout the project and are always thrilled to use such great software in our dry lab adventures.
BioNordika supplied us with a significant discount through the University of Copenhagen on the purchase of primers and general reagents for our laboratory work. Thank you, BioNordika!
Symbion has been incredibly accommodating and offered us laboratory space when it seemed like we could not have one at PLEN due to the implications of Covid-19. Additionally, they allowed us to network with other experts within their network. We greatly appreciate the help!
For the third year in a row, SnapGene has provided the UCPH iGEM team free licenses to their first-rate software. For this, we are very grateful.
A big thank you to Ampliqon for supplying us with enzymes for our countless PCR reactions and other reagents that we have needed for the laboratory work!
New England Biolabs was very kind in providing us with different kinds of materials and general consumables for our laboratory work.
Dansk Magisterforening has been so nice to help us with designing and producing flyers for us that we could pass around to the many arrangements we have held for students from all age-groups. They also provided us with our amazing CIDosis T-shirts that we have been wearing proudly ever since we got them. Thank you very much, Dansk Magisterforening!
Thank you very much to Twist Bioscience for providing us with synthetic gene fragments for several of the genes that we have been using in the laboratory. We appreciate the help and were very happy with the quality and fast delivery of the products.

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