Team:UiOslo Norway

We were awarded gold and our project was nominated for best software tool!

A detection system and approach for treating amoebic gill disease

The biological and environmental concerns that the aquaculture industry faces require innovation in both detection and treatment of disease in fish. Among these is amoebic gill disease caused by Paramoeba perurans (P. perurans) affecting Atlantic salmon. P. perurans is a parasite that latches onto the gills of salmon and causes discomfort and possibly death by reducing the respirational surface area on the gills. Our project aims to create an automatic detection system. To create this system we are investigating collective behaviors and how one can use them to diagnose diseases. We also aim to use genetically modified Escherichia coli to produce salinomycin, an antiparasitic compound. The gene cluster for salinomycin production will be transferred into E. coli step by step, with the goal to provide an alternative route to production of this compound. We hope that our system will complement current diagnostic tools and treatments used in aquaculture today.