Team:UiOslo Norway/Software

Our software

Sal.Coli was nominated for best software tool!

Our model is on the iGEM 2020 Software Github! 

We have created a set of interconnected software pieces allowing us to simulate, classify and visualize fish behavior. Our modeling code is extendable and we are adamant that it would be easy to add new and more complex behaviors. The whole setup is easy to use, though it requires compilers, all parameters can be edited in a .text file. So a normal user can explore the model of fish schooling by simply changing values in a file and hitting play. Visualization is a very powerful tool that allows the user to observe the fishes behavior in 3 dimensions. In this case a human is an important tool to verify model performance. Finally we have a neural net which we give input from simulation, the user also has many choices here. Allowing them to see classifier performance between different simulations, in our case we are interested in “sick” versus “healthy”.

Overview of our software

Sal.Coli demonstration

A brief overview of the visualization part of our project

Visualization of data

A render of a dataset in Blender with 100 objects