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Public engagement

In an effort to reach out to a broad audience, we have conducted media interviews with local newspapers and online magazines that have different audiences, from aquaculture experts to the general public.

Click the links below to see the links in different media. They are in different languages, including Norwegian and Spanish – this is why we provide a brief summary in each case.

Interview published in ‘Fiskeribladet’ (“Fishery journal”, Norway) which offers news related to fishing and aquaculture. Published online 9th June 2020

URL 1, Norway: 

In this article, our project is described in some detail, stating how AGD is a challenge for the aquaculture industry, and explaining how our detection and treatment ideas could help to improve the situation. This interview was conducted at early stages of the project and some of the ideas in the text have been dropped later.

Interview in ‘Fjordenes Tidende’ (“Fjord Times”) which offers news in the region of Sogn og Fjordane and Vestlandet in Norway. Published online 25th June 2020

URL 2, Norway: 

This article was published in print and online. The article contains information about our team and our efforts to combat fish disease with the help of synthetic biology - one of the participants is originating from the same region as the location of the newspaper. We would like to use this opportunity to thank Fjordenes Tidende for publishing us on their website and in the newspaper!

Interview in ‘Teknisk Ukeblad’ (“Technology Weekly”) which offers news on innovation and research in technology, biotechnology, fisheries and aquaculture. Published10th June 2020

URL 3, Norway:  

In this interview, the project is summarized as an effort to use genetic manipulation of bacteria to combat a fish disease. iGEM is mentioned, and the difficulties of conducting research under Corona conditions is discussed. We wish to use this opportunity to thank Teknisk Ukeblad for publishing us on their website and in the magazine!

Article published on the website “salmon expert chile” that disseminates information about Salmon farming in Chile. Published 8th July 2020.

URL 5, Chile:  

This interview with one of the team members discusses fish diseases that occur also as major problem on Chilean coast. Our team member Alexander might be doing his MSc thesis in Chile!

Later, Alexander also published an opinion article on the same website, salmonexpert chile. Published 11th September 2020

URL 6, Chile:  

This article focuses on synthetic biology for use to combat fish disease, with the purpose to build more awareness on synthetic biology and as encouragement for others to participate in the iGEM competition in coming years.