Team:UiOslo Norway/Safety


Due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 situation we were unable to receive any safety training or perform lab work of any kind. What is written below represents the safety training, safety steps and considerations we would’ve taken if we were able to.

Safety training

Students enrolled at the University of Oslo, Norway are required to have participated and completed compulsory safety courses that cover physical environment, laboratory safety and fire safety. More details about the individual safety courses can be found on the university website at the following links: HMS0501 – Safety and Physical Environment , HMS0503 – Laboratory Safety , HMS0507 – Fire Safety .

Lab safety

All of our lab work would've been performed in BSL-2 labs. Before we started the lab work, we would've been made aware of potential risks in the lab and we were instructed on what precautions we should take while working there. The lab manager would've made sure we would've read and signed safety forms containing the rules for handling waste, chemicals and GMOs in the lab.

We would've been introduced to all of the instruments we would use during our project and we would've make sure that no one would use them if they were uncertain in how to use them, limiting the potential risks to ourselves or to the other colleagues present in the lab.

Before using chemicals, we would've read the safety data sheets to know what risks they may pose.

While doing laboratory work we would've been supervised at all times either directly by our supervisors or by others working in the lab.

The Gene Technology Act (Act of 2 April 1993 No. 38 Relating to the Production and Use of Genetically Modified Organisms, etc.) can be found on the official website of the Norwegian government.