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World shaper Shanghai, a team composed of outstanding high school scholars from China who shares the goal of saving life and navigating in the realm of science, set forth to ameliorate the method of prostate cancer diagnosis through their own knowledge of synthetic biology. In the coming October, we are going to bring our revolutionary research product to the IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition to compete with other teams from different part of the world, while at the mean time we are also going to demonstrate and show our research to help prevent more potential cases of death because of prostate cancer.

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Daily: 9.30 AM–6.00 PM
Sunday & Holidays: Available

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Worldshaper-Shanghai Institution (待更改)
Street Nanjing, Shanghai China

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Worldshaper-Shanghai Institution
Street Nanjing, Shanghai China

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Core Members

Marnie Wang

Captain,Wet lab,Art design

Bob Zhao

Wet Lab,Model building,Huamn Practice

Cheryl Guo

Wet lab captain



About Us

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