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The most common clinical diagnosis nowadays for prostate cancer is digital rectal examination,serum PSA test and prostate biopsy, which, to some extend, is invasive or can cause physical discomfort. The goal of Worldshaper-Shanghai 2020 is to develop a new non-invasive technique for early stage prostate cancer diagnosis, mainly by expressing the color variation of the tested urine since urine test could be the simplest, painless and rapid test method for prostate cancer diagnosis.Our equipment design combined the technology of reverse transcription, gene amplification (PCR/RPA) and RNA hairpin structure (Toehold switch), to detect the specificity of RNA biomarkers of prostate cancer in the urine (PCA3 and KLK3), the final red fluorescence protein output will be report as visible results, so as to achieve the purpose of our visual diagnosis of prostate cancer.

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Marnie Wang

Team Leader, Wet Lab,Art Design,Human Practice

Bob Zhao

Model building,Human Practice Team Leader

Cheryl Guo

Wet lab Team Leader

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