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Our proposed end users are infants who don’t have sufficient breast milk from their mothers. Since a lot of mothers who are or who will experience a period of lactation are having/will have problems related to providing adequate breast milk to their children. Our final product will be a good substitution of natural breast milk for babies who need abundant nutrients (i.e., proteins like Lactoferrin) but don’t have raw breast milk immediately. If possible, babies will test our products in reality. Also, we have intermediate audiences. We aim to show and demonstrate our project toward powdered milk producers. The best assumption is that some producers may accept our plan of using yeasts and E.coli to express proteins. Then, they may add this process to their production line. During this course, we try our best to spread our project’s idea to the world and let people know our design’s credibility and usefulness.

Since dairy products are indispensable parts in many families, we have to prove it valueable and viable. In our interview with mothers, we found majority of new parents are facing a lot of problems and have variety of concerns during the feeding period. They are in sore need of a product to substitute breast milk. Also, there are already some company worked on milk and created a pefect line to produce man-made milk. For example: Perfect Day company in the US and TurtleTree company in Sigapore (We have made a interview with them, see on our HP website). They are the pioneer to do these things. In our interview with TurtleTree, thay show great interest towards our idea and told us maybe we could strike the global diary market.

The Turtle Tree

The Turtle Tree


Though we have embraced and solved many difficulties optimistically, there are still several challenges waiting to resolve. For example, because of the COVID-19, it becomes harder to get access to dairy-product manufactures, not to mention persuading them to try our plan. We have considered this challenge for a long time, and we are still dealing with it. At the same time, there is still somebody who doesn’t know or disagree with synthetic breast milk. We need to prove to them that our products are reliable and safe, eliminating moral misunderstandings about everything related to synthetic products.