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Attributions to team members

Claudia Zhao: leader | interviewer

She contributed in leading the group of Human Practice teammates in finding and interviewing four pregnant mothers, analyzing the result of interviews, giving presentation and introducing our project in iGEM school union exhibition. As the leader of our team, She scheduled lab time for each of our teammates, followed up research process, attended lab experiment frequently and address any emergency. She appreciate all the efforts and contributes from her teammates. All of them have sacrificed a lot for our project. She said, “we are not seeing iGEM as a competition or award, but more like a chance for us to utilize our strength in chasing the final goal”.

Claire Gao: leader | work in three departments

She is the co-leader of the team, uniting team members and strengthen our teams’ cohesion. She is also the member of all three parts. As a HP member, she interviewed the professor of Chinese Agriculture university, as well as the executive of Turtletree Lab from Singapore. As an art member, she contributed to the design of our logo and designed two characters in the comic book of as a collaboration with Keystone Academy. As a wiki member, she designed some of the websites appearance. she also went to the lab regularly and conducted some experiments.

Helen Huang: questionnaire designer | poster maker | logo creator

She designed a questionnaire about the public’s attitude toward synthetic milk. In the questionnaire, she also listed some specific questions to mothers to ask whether they have met any difficulties when feeding babies. Our questionnaire collected mothers’ and the public’s idea about synthetic milk and proved that artificial milk is needed and has marketability. Then, She helped to design the logo of our teams, and the outline of the existing logo was developed from my ideas. Besides, She and Zoey attended the fair, which was held in Keystone Academy. She made the poster for the show, which explained the overall works of our program. We introduced synthetic biology to Keystone Academy students and introduced them to the knowledge of synthetic biology. Except for the artworks and human practice, She was also involved in the experiments.

Fiona Tao: interviewer

She has participated in the interview of pregnant woman, which is part of work of human practice. As for the Wiki project, she participated in the design the page of wiki. She has cooperated with other schools to help them did their project experiment, and participated in our experiment, for example, she learned how to do PCR and applied it in our experiment. As for the work in the art part, she has provided the design scheme of the LOGO.

Quinn He: Interviewer | web designer

During this iGEM program, she joined in HP and Wiki departments. In HP, She is in charge of analysis of data and interviews. In Wiki, she participates in designing the main page of our own web. But the most important part she has done in this summer was the attending experiments. She went to the lab whenever she was free, and she was almost free everyday. There she learnt the basic operations and rules in the lab, how to run the gel, how to recover the gel, how to insect our target gene and so on. There she knew how to operate those instruments normatively.

Austin Wang: logo and spinoff designer | collaborator

He participates in the Art and Wiki departments in Beijing 101 iGEM team. He provided many interesting solutions to solve problems. He participated in most of the logo design, and She was in the color scheme group. He also participated in more than ten laboratory projects, and collaborate with Keystone’s students. He also helped the teacher organize three offline communication meetings.

Selina Wang: questionnaire designer | translator

She, cooperating with Helen, made the questionnaire that use to interview people in the society about the attitudes towards the artificial breast milk online in order to develop the following steps for experiments. In addition, she actively participated in doing experiments, having a good grasp of knowing how to run the gel and how to finish dropping in a sterile environment. Moreover, some of the analysis and documents are translated into English by her, such as the analysis of Agricultural University interview. Also, she was responsible for collecting, summarizing and translating the collaboration of each student in our group.

Erich Li: Interviewer

He is in the human practice group and he is charge of interviewing people. He interviewed the doctors, especially gynecologist, and write notes down to get some academic reviews of our project from specialists. He also interviewed some mothers and pregnant women. by doing so, he got information of the obstacles that they faced when they were having babies.

Ellie Yao: data analyzer

She completed the human practice survey with more than 300 parents to figure out whether the invention of artificial breast milk is needed by sending a questionnaire to different WeChat groups and moments. She also analyzed results of interviews given to doctors and nutrition experts by distributing the answers into different categories. At the same time, she analyzed survey results by creating statistical graphs including bar graphs and pie graphs depending on different questions and gave an elaborate explanation on these precise analyses. She participated in experiments of investigating the creation of artificial breast milk via gene manipulation by using bio technique including PCR, Gel electrophoresis, and centrifugation.

Joseph Yu: Participant of experiment

During the vacation, he went to the laboratory for many times to participate in experiments. He learned a lot of experimental principles and methods in the laboratory. He learned how to do gel electrophoresis, DNA molecule extraction, and plasmid extraction -- the process of removing RNA, separating the plasmid from the bacterial genomic DNA, and removing proteins and other impurities to produce a relatively pure plasmid.

Jessica Guo: Data Analyzer

As for IGEM, She participates in HP and wiki groups. In HP group, she analyzed the result of interviewing and data, which is to find the useful information and points to identify the value of our project and make it reliable. In wiki group, She was in charge of the description and safety of project, which is quite a challenge for her. However, She learned a lot from it and felt the strength of united. What’s more, She did experiments in laboratory on summer vacation. It includes picking colony, biotransformation, biological medium and so on.

Lindsor Zhang: Leader | task assigner | collaborator

To begin with, he is the project leader who leads the Human Practice group. Through meetings and discussions with teammates, he formulated the general plan and logic of the HP program. His led the questionnaire project, specifically, and checked the rest parts to make sure they are keeping on track. Finally he grab all the results and text products together to form a organized set of website pages on our final wiki. Next, he also participated in research experiments. In August he went to the laboratory, and earned how to manipulate the equipment. Finally, he contributed in one of the collaboration projects of our team with other teams. He collaborated with Beijing Keystone Academy to write a big story about a kid learning synthetic biology, which contains many short stories that would be written by each school. He wrote a story about Biobrick technology.

Zoey Liu: Leader | Interviewer | web builder | notes writer

She is in the Human Practice and Wiki groups. She interviewed a professor from China Agricultural University. This interview means a lot to the future plan of our project, pointing out another direction, which is expressing polysaccharide, on the way of producing man-made breast milk. She also dedicated to build our websites by doing some parts of the Wiki works. For the experiment, she went to the laboratory frequently and recorded every data she saw in Benchling, which is the platform where we put our daily notebook. She also collaborated with the iGEM team of Keystone Academy by joining their Synbio fair and propagating our project and synthetic biology.

Jacky Huo: experiment participant

During the summer vacation, he usually went to laboratory and actively communicated with teammate for experimental process. He was in the Wiki group. He devoted his time to build our websites. He also attended our daily meeting on time. He built strong relationships with our team members and made our team more energetic.

Johnathan Zhang: Leader | wiki constructor | photographer

He was the leader accounting for the Wiki group, working nights constructing team’s wiki. Accordingly he led occasional discussions, investigation within the team, collaboration with the art group, and led making most pages of our websites. He also participated in shooting promotion video, working with teammate to conduct emergency video submission. Lastly, he participated in wet lab, helping out in experiment.

Freya Chen: leader | Photographer | video maker

Besides doing experiments, she was also a photographer of the group. She took pictures during the experiment and filmed a promotion video that introduce our project. On top of that, she was also the leader of the art group, and she often set up meetings to let our teammates share ideas and thoughts of designing the logo and pictures on wiki page. On August 1st, she attended a virtual meeting of iGEM teams in Beijing to introduce our project to other groups.

Experiment supports

1.Lab support

We have two laboratories overall. We firstly worked in the lab supported by ZhiNuoXueYuan, which provided us with the lab and all materials we need. We made most experiments there. Later, we moved into the laboratory in our school, Beijing 101 Middle School, and did the rest of work here.


Min Wei, as our secondary PI, provided us with support on understanding basic synthetic biology theories. She also helped to design our project as a project advisor.

Xing Zhang offered important and useful wiki support to our group. He helped us to debug, providing free advices of perfecting our websites.

Tianze Zhu, Zeyu Tang, and Zhe Feng gave many suggestions when doing experiments.

Xiyu Han, as a senior in our school, responded to every question our team asked about iGEM.

We really appreciate all people contributing to our project, especially people mentioned above. Professor Jingyu Chen offered many suggestions about our future plan as a specialist on dairy products.

Wiki support

Referenced by us, team Lambert_GA (https://2019.igem.org/Team:Lambert_GA) had given us immense supports on the constructoin of our wiki pages.We would like to extend our gratitude here.