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Human Practice
Hi~ I'm Claudia, I like nature, molecules and reactions, but I love my hair the most.

Human Practice
Hello! This is Lindsor from Beijing No.101 Middle School. And I am the Human Practice project caption of our team. I am kind of good at my schoolwork. I love biology, geography, and history. Hard-working helped me to achieve success. Besides study, I’m also good at organizing things and solving problems with my teammates. I also have lots of hobbies. In my spare times, I would find a book to read, or I would play the ocarina to clam myself after finishing my challenging homework. Writing is one of my hobbies, too. I would write some journals down or creating interesting stories. Finally, I’m a member of school frisbee team. I would have ultimate frisbee matches with my friends after class.
Human Practice
To whoever sees this page, greeting!I'm Fiona Tao from Beijing 101 Middle School. Biology is one of my favorite subjects, and that's why I'm here to set up a team with my interesting classmates who have same hobbit like me. I also like watch movies and take photos. Moreover, I made a lot of lovely and intelligent friends through this project, and every aspect of our project is amazing.٩꒰⍢ ꒱۶. working with a group of exceptional people is a really luck things. I learn a lot this year through this active. Hoping we have a really gorgeous result! ٩(ˊᗜˋ )و

Hello everyone, I am Jessica and my Chinese name is Jiaqi Guo. With a optimist personality, I really like science, hands-on operation, and new things. Also, I especially interested in biochemistry! iGEM, joining this participation is not only to improve my knowledge reserve, but also to try scientific research, to pave the way for future road planning, and to help me clear goals! I will be a responsible, steadfast team-mate, hoping to get good results with you during this time!

Human Practice
Hi, everyone! My English name is Selina. I am an optimistic girl who can always face difficulties positively. Humorous can be another word to describe myself as well due to the joy and laughter I bring to my friends. Also, I am obsessed in exploring the unknown aspects in different subjects.

My name is Austin, and my Chinese name is Wang Yutong. Now I live in Beijing all the time. My father is from Anhui, and my mother is from Shanxi. According to Chinese customs, My hometown is Anhui. I am currently studying in Beijing 101 Middle School and have the need to apply for American universities. At school, I was the monitor of my class. However, I got along with my classmates like a friend, and I am good at English literature and biology (I am still studying hard).In my spare time, I like to call my friends to play basketball or go to my club for baseball training. If I have no time, I will play badminton with my father, mother and brother in the morning. In my daily life, I like reading books, mainly science fiction or Chinese and Foreign classics regardless of style.
I like to utilize my interests from different fields of study, not only biology, and try different works in a project as a test to my potential passion. And, I saw creating and designing the Wiki as an endearing challenge I wanted to prove myself on.
Hi everyone! I’m a team member in our group. I love work with other, and it is my honor to have those great friend and teammates. In the school, I love to study biology and environment science. In daily life, I’d like playing video games, and playing badminton.
Human Practice
I’m Quinn. I like playing basketball, singing and so on. Also, I like dissection because I think that observing structures of organisms is an interesting thing.

My name is Joseph, I like sports, animations, video games, and cute girls.

Human Practice
I'm Ellie from Beijing 101 High School, and I'm from the HP group. I enjoy studying biology as well as doing experiments. Hope you can benefit from our IGEM project and get a deeper understanding in genetic engineering.
Human Practice
I’m Freya from Beijing 101 High School, and I’m the photographer of the team. I hope you can find our project inspiring and start loving biology as I do.

HP, Arts, Wiki
This is Claire, co-leader of the BJ101HS IGEM team. IGEM is an unique experience that not only bring me a big family, but also enrich my knowledge, intriguing me to go further on the way of synbio. I like trying different things and challenging myself. Just enjoy, and go for it.
Human Practice
Hi, everyone. I'm Erich from Beijing No. 101 High School. I'm an outgoing person and I attend this competition because I loves biology. I think it is a really interesting subject and I want to further it as my major.

Hi, I am Helen! I love Biology especially synthetic biology. I am thankful to iGEM which for providing a perfect place for us to show us and improve us.

Human Practice, Wiki
Hello everyone! I am Zoey Liu from Beijing 101 Middle School ;0. Initially I just want to learn more about synthetic biology, but after joining this activity, I think I really fall into it!!!
Selina Cai
Hi! This is Lei Cai from Beijing 101 High School. I am the first PI of team BJ101HS, and I have taught students in this school for many years. I encouraged and motivated students to keep working on iGEM by orally supervising and urging them. During the preparation for the final Giant Chimpanzee, I realized that joining iGEM is a special experience for students. I am looking forward to see students’ good performances in the competition!
Hello iGEMers, my name is Jasmine Wei, the secondary PI of team BJ101HS. I’m mainly responsible for teaching the basic knowledge of molecular biology and synthetic biology. I also participate in brainstorming and troubleshooting. It has been a special year for us, but we are still lucky to have the chance enjoying iGEM competition. Hope every iGEMer have a great time and hope we have an unforgettable experience.
Tianze Zhu
Hello everyone! I graduated from Beijing No.4 Middle School in 2008 and received my PhD in Chemistry from Oxford University. After graduation, I set up my own biotech company in China, and at the same time, I am dedicated to supporting high school kids to participate in iGEM competitions.