BJ101HS---Mother Yeast

About our project:

The inspiration for our project came from knowing nursing mothers faced lots of breastfeeding problems, including insufficiency of milk production and inconveniences of suckling. Realizing that there were significant differences between formula milk and breast milk, we came up with creating a breast milk substitute that better fits human nutritional needs. We learned that present formula milk lacks of important proteins like β casein, κ casein, lactoferrin, and α-lactalbumin. Thus, we paid our attention to these proteins and hoped we could produce them using synthetic biology methods. We chose yeasts as our engineering bacteria because they are welcoming for human bodies. We transfected CSN2, CSN3, LTF, and LALBA that are responsible for making the proteins that mentioned above into yeasts, and cultivated them. Finally, we got our targeted proteins and created a product. We hope following iGEMers can produce more materials like amylose to fix the disadvantages of formula milk.