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Lab safety

All of our experimental process is completed in our own controlled laboratory, including external help and collaboration activities. Our waste materials will be disposed of within 1 hour after the end of the experiment on the same day. The equipment and materials, such as bacteria and yeast, and even the personal belongings and food and drink of the personnel are either completely disinfected or properly disposed of upon entering or leaving the laboratory. At the same time, our lab itself has undergone a rigorous review and has been licensed. All personnel entering and leaving the laboratory are recorded.


According to the relevant regulations of the above webpage, we will strictly review ourselves before the experiment and after the experiment is completely finished, which is in full compliance with the safety regulations.
All of our research does not include human body or unethical animal research. The genes and vectors we use are within the scope officially permitted by IGEM. Please go to the "Experimental Principles" section for the specific gene sequence verification.

To adhere laws


According to the above webpage, our team has come to the conclusion that "this experimental project meets the official requirements and is completely safe" after strict proofreading. If in doubt, please ask the team leader or email address of BJ101HS to raise questions. Our study fully conformed to national Health Commission biomedical research ethics approved protocol (Chinese) and finished products involving human subjects Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Management of Human Genetic Resources. And in full compliance with the security policies listed by iGEM officials. For relevant legal details, please refer to the "Biosafety Management Ordinance for Laboratory of Pathogenic Microorganisms".

In our experiment

In our experiment, we use yeast(especially pichia pastoris) and E.coli as our model creature. Both of the two are proved to be safe and widely used in the lab. Considering that in the future, we are supposed to use yeast to synthesis man-made breast milk, we chose yeast to work in our system. As we noticed in some food industry, yeast is working as a tiny factory and producing things we need, so it is safe to human being.