Team:CCU Taiwan/Education

Science Communication


Science is not only working in a lab. It should step out of the laboratory and connect with society. However, we recognize that there is still a huge gap between science and society. We aim to break this gap and bring science closer to society in order to achieve two-way communication. We started by improving society’s understanding of science and synthetic biology, since we know that a premise of effective communication is adequate understanding.

Another focus of our scientific communication was to provide knowledge about dengue, as we considered it important to inform the public about the severity of dengue and raise their awareness about this disease so that they could take actions.

A successful project comes from engaging with communities of different ages, cultures and professional backgrounds. Taking all of this into consideration, we tried to reach out to as broad an audience as we could. We did this by breaking the accessibility barriers by diversifying our ways of engagement and using various unconventional networks. We also particularly engaged with some groups that are underrepresented in science, hoping to amplify their voices and increase their participation in science.

We hope that our actions are not just a one-time thing, but could have a sustainable and continuous impact on the public. Thus, instead of providing education, we tried to maximize our impact by inviting the community to participate and contribute to communication of science.

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