Team:CCU Taiwan/Parts



With linear array epitope technique, we have produced various length of tandem-repeated sequence, but we need the sequences which are long enough to ensure that we have enough productivity. The plasmids we used to express protein are pET-29a(+) and pET-29b(+), where T7 promoter and lac operator would be induced with IPTG. On the other hand, there are also 6X His tag on pET-29a(+) and pET-29b(+) to purify our target proteins. Furthermore, we produced E protein to do the binding affinity test and CLEC5A to be our control. Our parts are as follows:

Basic Parts

Part Number Description Length (bp)
BBa_R0187 T7 promoter (lac Irepressible) 44
BBa_K2549058 HA tag 27
BBa_K3183024 HA Tag for L.reuteri 27
BBa_K2382008 6X His Tag 18
BBa_M10045 Myc Tag 30
BBa_K3648001 C-type lectin domain family 5 member A 483
BBa_K3648002 Envelope protien 1485
BBa_K3648005 TRS-110*3 102
BBa_K3648006 TRS-151*8 243
BBa_K3648007 TRS-110R*7 255
BBa_K3648008 S-tag 45
BBa_K3648009 Thrombin site 16
BBa_K3648010 T7 terminator 48
BBa_K3648014 TRS-151*7 213

Composite Parts

Part Number Description Length (bp)
BBa_K3648003 pET-29b(+)_CLEC5A 655
BBa_K3648004 pET-29a(+)_E protein 1687
BBa_K3648011 pET-29b(+)_TRS-110*3 313
BBa_K3648012 pET-29b(+)_TRS-110R*7 466
BBa_K3648013 pET-29b(+)_TRS-151*8 414
BBa_K3648015 pET-29b(+)_TRS-151*7 384