Team:CCU Taiwan/Human Practices

Integrated Human Practice


A successful project should not be an imagination in laboratory. It should be considered to apply in society, so do our project. The biggest question that we need to consider in our project is: Could it be used in real life and be beneficial to society? Scientific research usually starts with an understanding of the problems or demands of society. Academic research is then applied to solve those problems and improve social welfare. Thus, receiving acceptance and approval from society is essential and cannot be an afterthought in the whole process.

In order to build the bridge between our project and society, we must establish clear communication and remain open to feedback from the society. Our connection with society includes four sectors: government officials, professional experts, academic specialists, and the general public. Each represents a different area and provides a different perspective, which urged us to include those considerations into our project. By understanding opinions from various positions, we could shape our plans well and so bring a great impact to society. That is how a successful project with social usefulness is achieved.

We classified the societal group into the four sectors according to their extent of influence and responsibility:

  • Government officials: They are clear about regulations, so they can provide advice on legal requirements for a product launch.
  • Professional experts: Their professional experience can give insight about blind spots in our project, which will help us to optimize our product.
  • Academic specialists: Their scientific and other specialized knowledge can guide and shape our product.
  • General public: As they are the final users of our product, understanding their demands is crucial.