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Team Work

Thanks to all the team members for their outstanding works, all the teachers for their selfless help, and all the teams and individuals who have helped us. Thanks also to the schools and businesses that have helped our projects. Thanks to all the teachers for their help and support. Thanks to everyone who cares about ECUST_China 2020. Thanks to all the staff at East China University of Science and Technology, without whose support, D-E-tector cannot move forward nor complete.

20 interesting souls

Xing Yunzhi

As the leader of the team, he is responsible for the coordination of all parts of the whole team. In addition, he also assumed the leadership responsibility of the Human Practices group in the early stage and DNA Walker part of the experiment in the later stage.

Han Zhaoxi

He was the first person to put forward the idea of D-E-tector, and also undertook most of the later DNA Walker experiment. At the same time, he also assisted Xing and played the role of communicating with all parts of the team.

Ju Yi

He is in charge of-the main work of the E-CRISPR experiment and contributed to the video production of the team.

Zhao Yiran

She is the head of wiki work in the early stage and also participated in the work of E-CRISPR in the later stage.

Yu Shijia

She is responsible for some E-CRISPR experiments and is a photographer of the team.

Zhao Chen

He is one of the project designers, contributing to the production of video and PPT.

Liu Shuang

She is the head of the wiki group in the later period and has made great contributions to the construction of wiki.

Wang Xiu’ao

He is the art designer of the team and is also responsible for wiki typesetting and video editing.

Qiao Haochen

She is responsible for reviewing and sorting out the manuscripts of the team and designing exclusive fonts for the wiki.

Lian Wenxin

She is another art designer in the team and has made great contributions to the wiki and video production.

Chen Mo

She contributed a lot to HP's interview activities and the production of the presentation video.

Liu Yihan

She is the person in charge of HP in the later period, responsible for the planning and arrangement of HP work. She is also the planner of the promotion video.

Cheng Yanzhe

He is the head of the team when participating in CCIC, and also the planner of promotion video and presentation video.

Teng Lijuan

She is in charge of the business investigation part of the project and parts of the document arrangement.

Du Wenjing

She is responsible for most of the questionnaire survey and data collation in the team and is responsible for writing relevant copywriting.

Sha Zigan

He is the person in charge of modeling work and has completed most of the work of team model building.

Zhang Liangkun

He is responsible for the design, printing, and assembly of the 3D shell.

Ci Xiayuan

He provided technical support on software and network for the team, and also helped Sha complete the modeling work.

Liu Lijuan

She is responsible for the planning of the team's offline education and also participates in modeling and HP work.

Xu Hang

He made great contributions to the introduction of DMF technology and the establishment of wiki pages in the team.

Thanks for all your brilliant work to complete D-E-tector!



Thanks to JACOXH_China and ZJUT_China for their help in our questionnaire survey, to Jiangnan_China for making and distributing the monthly magazine for us, to Mr. Wu from NCKU_Tainan for his suggestions to us, to the wonderful sharing and suggestions of the teams met at ECiM, CCIC, and other exchange meetings, and to all the companions who worked hard for iGEM.
We would like to thank the ECUST_Club community and the WeChat official account of Hua Li Sheng Gon Yuan for their irreplaceable role in promoting our project. Their timely and successful work is of great significance to us.
We would also like to thank the previous Paper Transformer team members for their support and encouragement to D-E-tector, and their experience has provided us with great help.

Social Engagement

Thanks to Nurse Wang from the Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College, who was interviewed by us. Thanks to Jianghai Primary School and Xuhui District Youth Activity Center, which provided us with opportunities for offline education.


Thanks to ZHIHUISHU Platform for their help in our video shooting work, especially to Mr. Cai. Thanks to Chengde Anjing E-Commerce Co., Ltd. for sponsoring our team uniforms.

Also, we would like to thank the School of Bioengineering of East China University of Science and Technology for their supports and help. Thank our teachers for everything they have provided us. Thanks to Pro. Wang Qiyao for his overall leadership of the whole project and the provision of experimental resources. Thanks to Pro. Zhang Lixin for his controlling of the project direction, supporting of project technology and provision of experimental resources. Thanks to Pro. Wu Hui for his advice and guidance to the team. Thanks to associate Pro. Fan Jianhua for his supervision of team’s work and his suggestions and support to D-E-tector. Thanks to Dr. Li Youyuan for his valuable suggestions on the project, and for urging and encouraging every team member. Thanks to Dr. Li Pengfei for his daily concern for the team and his help in experimental design. Thanks to Dr. Liu Guang for providing the experimental site and guiding the experimental process. Thanks to Dr. Gu Zhen for his hardware equipment and experimental guidance. Thanks to associate Pro. Gao Shuhong for her work in financial management and the provision of experimental sites. Thanks to Dr. Ma Peiqiang from Pro. Ye Bangce’s research group for his technical support.



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