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Yunzhi Xing

Standing in front of you is the second born in the cold winter, the light of moral education in the College of biology, tube breaker in the laboratory, killer of E. Coli, the most handsome man in the D-E-detector team, pastor server of HearthStone, Late Homo sapiens living in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Yunzhi XING!

Zhaoxi Han

Zhaoxi Han, a member of the experimental team, and is now  responsible for part of the work of iGEM DNA Walker.

Yi Ju

Yi Ju, a senior majoring in bioengineering at ECUST. After three years of studying, he has found himself attracted to synthetic biology and that is the very reason why he chose to participate in iGEM 2020. As a member of DE-tector, he has mainly taken part in the experiments related to E-CRISPR.

Yiran Zhao

She is a student majoring in biotechnology. She loves biology and always looks forward to putting her ideas into practice. The constant innovation in the experiment makes her full of motivation. Reading and writing is a way for her to relax.

Chen Zhao

This is Zhao Chen from the School of Biological Engineering. He is mainly responsible for the design of the project and the design of some experimental schemes of DNA-Walker. Besides, he is also responsible for the production and modification of PPT and video.

Lydia Yu

She is a member of the experimental group and takes charge of the E-CRISPR part. This Summer, she buried herself into the project and wanted to get the method of COVID-19 quick detection. This journey enriched her with so many investigations and practices. During her rest, badminton can effectively relax her and light her up. Also, music plays an important role in her life, especially those depressing nights. She believes that passion can inspire her mind, thus fighting for iGEM.

Sophia Chen

Sophia is a senior student at East China University of Science and Technology.She majors in bioengineering  and has joined the successive postgraduate and doctoral  programs of study.She distinguishes herself not only in  the grades she earned but also in her ability to  work independently.As one of the most creative team members,she often contributesgood ideas.She minors in English and is fluent both in Englishand Chinese.She  also has a good senseof teamwork and strong responsibility.

Xiayuan Ci

Ci Xiayuan comes from East China University of Science and Technology. His major is Bioengineering and minor in Information and Computing Science, and he has a good understanding of programming. He is honored to be a member of the iGEM team. He mainly dedicates himself to the model part. He communicates well with teammates and figures out the best model for the subject.

Liangkun Zhang

Liangkun Zhang is a senior student in ECUST, majoring in bioengineering. He is serious, helpful, and good at coordinating work arrangements within the group and helping partners solve some modeling problems. He is also responsible for designing and assembling the prototype shell.

Zigan Sha

Zigan Sha, the current leader of the modeling group of DE-tector. He is responsible for E-CRISPR data processing and dynamics and optimization models for DNA Walker. He is also served as an explanation assistant at the beginning of the team formation. His habit in spare time is reading books.

Lijuan Liu

From the Bioengineering Class 184, she is mainly responsible  for the education promotion activities of the HP group and the  E-Crispr liaison work of the modeling group to assist in modeling.

Yanzhe Cheng

Yanzhe Cheng is a junior student at East China University  of Science and Technology. He majors in food science and  has a strong interest in genetic engineering. He is mainly  responsible for the Conference of China iGEMer Community and  related work of human practice. He is not only capable of  outstanding work, but also has a good sense of cooperation.

Wenjing Du

Du Wenjing is a junior student in ECUST, majoring in bioscience. What is different from the meaning of her name is that she is a very outgoing girl. She enjoys communicating with teammates to push forward our project and explore the wonderland of Synthetic Biology. Her capability of communication and collaboration also promoted our work of Human Practice. In her spare time, she is enamored with music and literature.

Lijuan Teng

She is from bioscience class 182 of ECUST. She  mainly participated in the daily affairs of the HP group and summarized the project progress of  the HP group. She also took charged of the popular  science lecture and made PPT of Jianghai Primary  School, as well as the design of doctor interview  documents. She also participated in the copywriting  of CCIC and other projects.

Yihan Liu

Yihan Liu,who comes from Class 181,biological sciences of the academy of Biological Engineering,East China University of Science and Technology. She takes part in the HP group, and she is also the leader of the HP group. She is mainly responsible for the design and distribution of the first questionnaire, the production of videos, and the collection and translation of texts in the HP group.

Shuang Liu

Shuang Liu comes from the Biotechnology of ECUST China. She is interested in exploring and trying new things. Biology is a subject full of mystery that attracts her a lot. She is the leader of the wiki. By learning herself, she obtains a new skill webpage making and tastes the fun of it. Besides, during the whole process, she feels happy and makes many friends. What a fantastic experience!

Xu Hang

Xu Hang, a senior student from East China University of Science and Technology, majoring in automation. His hobbies are football, music, games, so sometimes  he is a bit of a house.  Because he is good at programming, he joined the team for software work.

Xiu’ao Wang

Xiu’ao Wang, from Visual 180 of the School of Art and Design. In the team, he is mainly in charge of controlling the overall visual design style and designing the logo, web page layout, and illustration work.

Wenxin Lian

She majors in Labor and Social Security and minors in Visual Communication Design at ECUST.  Owing to the love of art and hard-working, she is proficient in many kinds of computer painting software and can make related animation works skillfully. Now she is responsible for art design in the team and plays a key role in lots  of activities as well in routine tasks.

Haochen Qiao

Haochen Qiao, comes from ECUST, whose major is biotechnology. She is a member of the team of Wiki, mainly responsible for the text of the Wiki website, including audition, modification, and integration. Moreover, she designs the masks of Wiki, applying a unique writing style, also showing the creativity of Team D-E-tector.


Zhen GU

Zhen GU obtained his B.S. degree in Applied Chemistry in East China University of Science and Technology in 2012. He obtained his M. S. degree in Analytical Chemistry from East China Normal University in 2015. Then he obtained his Ph. D. degree in Analytical Chemistry from East China University of Science and Technology in 2019. His current research interest focuses on microfluidic system, biosensors and development of analytical instruments.

Liu Guang

Guang LIU obtained his B.S. degree in Biotechnology and Ph. D. degree in Microbiology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2007 and 2015. His current research interest focuses on DNA Phosphorothioation and mining of novel NRPS natural products from actinomycetes.

Li Pengfei

The research interest includes biosensors, especially electrochemical biosensor, colorimetric biosensor, nano-based biosensor; biological analysis, mainly towards disease marker proteins, DNA and cells with clinical implications.

Li Youyuan

Many papers were published on journals of bioinformatics. Research areas: Fermentation process optimization and microbial metabolic regulation research, proteomics research.

Gao Shuhong

Research areas: Microbial fermentation optimization and metabolic regulation, exogenous expression and directional transformation of enzymes.

Fan Jianhua

Associate Professor. He conducts basic and applied basic research on bioactive substances of eukaryotic microalgae, cyanobacteria and other photosynthetic microorganisms.

Wu Hui

Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor, the deputy director of China Light Industry Bio-based Materials Engineering Key Laboratory. He has published many papers on Metabolic Engineering, Biotechnology Advances, ACS Synthetic Biology as the first author or correspondent author.

Wang Qiyao

Qiyao Wang obtained his B.S. degree in Life Sciences and Food Engineering from Nanchang University and Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology from East China University of Science and Technology. He's the Prof. and Vice Dean of School of Bioengineering and the Professor in State Key Lab of Bioreactor Engineering in ECUST. His current research intreast focuses on using systematic biology strategies to investigate the pathogenesis, antibiotics resistance, and environmental survival of bacterial pathogens.

Zhang Lixin

For the first time in the world, he discovered that the apoptotic kinase ASK1 and the signaling protein 14-3-3 are closely linked to regulate the carcinogenesis of cells. Research areas: Construction of natural microbial resource pools of marine microbial strains; screening of active microorganisms and their secondary metabolites using interactive high-throughput techniques.



Shanghai, China


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