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1. Expanding the influence of iGEM

This is the fourth year of our school to participate in iGEM since we have found the charm of it. We started the relevant process of iGEM in December 2019, and we have never stopped the promotion of it throughout the whole season, whether to students in the same school through personal social networking, or to the public through public media platforms. Even when we conducted offline popular science education, we mentioned the role of iGEM in the development of synthetic biology. We think this kind of publicity can enhance the influence of iGEM in China and encourage more teams and students to join it so that the competition can be more competitive and credible.

2. Helping a new team

This year JACOXH_China, a high school team from Xuhui of Shanghai, start their first trip of iGEM. Some of our team members became their instructors, which greatly brought the relationship between our two teams closer. We had a lot of online communication and offline meetings with them, where we generously taught them about the competition experience, including how to control the time node, how to make a promotion video, and so on. We believe that this work will play a positive role in helping the new teams to quickly accommodate to the competition and make fewer mistakes. We have also encouraged other mature teams to help the new teams.

3. Our experience in hardware production

Our school has designed hardware for our own projects for many years, and this year is no exception. We have made the shell of D-E-detector through 3D printing, and the relevant design details can be seen on our hardware page. We hope that these design details are helpful to the team who want to design 3D printing in the future.

4. Extending the scope of iGEM beyond synthetic biology

We uploaded the DNA Walker technology details to the registry (BBa_ K3480001~BBa_ K3480012). Hopefully, this ingenious nanomachine assembly technology can be discovered and used by more teams. iGEM is no longer limited to a single field of synthetic biology and we hope that we can contribute our strength to extend the scope of it.



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