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  • Team

    We are 15 enthusiastic students from Shenzhen College of International Education, eager to experience the colorful world of synthetic biology.

  • Project

    Our project, ShroomSweeper, based on RPA-incorporated ALFA and scFv-improved LFIA technologies, "sweeps" the minefield of mushrooms for the mushroom pickers.

  • Modeling

    We created 2 mathematic models for our project: one to determine the dissociation constant of the aptamers to the toxins, and one to help decide the length of a part of our test strip.

  • Results

    Our results successfully demonstrated the specificity of previously-reported alpha-amanitin aptamers and our selected beta-amanitin aptamers. The specific binding of the scFv polypeptide and the basic principles of our hardware (test strip) were also verified.

  • Human Practice

    We interviewed and consulted a variety of experts as well as the general public. Valuable suggestions were returned, and we aim on raising the social awareness of the field of synthetic biology and the topic of mushroom poisoning.