Team:HK CPU-WFN-WYY/Contribution



We believe the global problem of plastic pollution and the importance of protecting the marine ecosystems should be a matter of public concern. Our project aims at finding suitable cutinases which can degrade PET, in a synthetic device or via GM bacteria incorporated into filter feeding bivalves. We would introduce the use of cutinases to the public, as a workable solution to ease the problem.

Up to now, we found the most efficient cutinases are HIC, Tfcut2 and LCC, all of them are active at quite high temperature range around 50-70 degree Celsius, which is definitely not the usual water temperature of all aquatic ecosystems. To fix the problem, we designed in Phase 1 a device using 3D modelling tools which can provide a better work place for the cutinases.

Secondly, our team members developed a ‘Subtitles Generator’ after their day and night struggles on doing video subtitling, we feel happy to share this web app with all iGEM teams and video-editors, bring them convenience and to give best video watching experience to all audiences.

Although we found innumerable limitations and difficulties in our project, we enjoyed every small steps of exploring new possibilities, experiencing the unlimited boundaries of imagination and creativity. We appreciated the help and genuine support from other iGEM teams and experts of the field. We believed every effort and every small change count to make our earth better.