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Sharing Our Design Work

To provide public engagement and synbio materials for education, we will upload all our artwork designs for sharing on our website, so that everyone can make use of them for free in educational events or interest sharing. Please note that attribution should be added in your materials.

Subtitles Generator

To make the life of all video-makers of future iGEM teams easier, and free them from their tedious subtitling duties, we developed a ‘Subtitles Generator’. The Web app can help future iGEM teams and people concerned to add subtitles to their videos without much fuss, thus leave them more time to add qualities to their production or dive deeper into labwork, research and human practice. Areas and labwork of their SynBio projecting more time for public engagement and doing experiments to push their project forward.

Artworks (click to download)

Subtitles Generator

Please download the .zip file and unzip it to get the Subtitles Generator. Mac users will have the file unzipped automatically.

Subtitle Generator Manual