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Is a chronic disease in which endometrial like tissue grows outside of the uterine cavity.

176 Million

women affected around the world.

7 years

is the average diagnostic delay for endometriosis.

$18-22 billion

of economic burden to health systems.

1 in 10

women are affected during their reproductive years

There are many factors that play a role into understanding the underling symptoms of endometriosis. Nevertheless, researchers hypothesize that the percentage of women with endometriosis is much greater but due to the amount of people unaware of this disease thousands of women suffer an excessive amount of years going untreated and thinking that pelvic pain, a heavy menstruation cycle and occasionally infertility, is normal part of their daily lives.



It all began with our own personal ignorance towards what endometriosis was and our progress as we looked more and more into the biological pathways of this disease. As time passed, more shocking revelations came into light, the lack of research done for such a common disease in women, the years of delay it takes to diagnose endometriosis and the only existing diagnostic procedure of an invasive operation referred to as laparoscopy.

Without enough research available and the underfunding of this disease. Our team was inspired to rise to the challenge and not only educate ourselves but educate other and help in the progress of finding non-invasive rapid diagnostic testing.

Endometriosis researcher and outside mentor Dr. Idhaliz Flores quoted "Exactly that's why we need more people looking into endometriosis because since there isn't enough research done people don't bother looking into it or doing research on their own".

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