TOOTH DECAYS are quite common among children in Taiwan. Commensal oral microbiome balance plays a pivotal role in maintaining oral health. Nowadays, probiotic treatment is attractive but with limited effectiveness. As a result, we designed a probiotic that can eliminate Streptococcus mutans, the main cause of dental caries.

GM EcN (genetically modified E. coli Nissle) probiotics were equipped with pyruvate oxidase (SpxB) gene to generate H2O2, aquaporin (AQP) gene to enhance H2O2 permeation, and catalase (KatG) gene to survive from oxidative stress by decomposing H2O2 into oxygen and water. A proof-of-concept demonstration was declared in H2O2 production assay, growth inhibition and antagonistic competition test against the growth of S. mutans.

CLEANDY® is a homemade lozenge we developed with features to clean teeth. The Cleandy is composed of sugar alcohols and our engineered probiotic (GM EcN), showing effective antagonistic activity against S. mutans by producing H2O2 in our presentation.


CLEANDY® is a product of homemade lozenge. The Cleandy is made of a sugar layer of erythritol, xylitol and/or isomalt with a probiotic core containing GM EcN. The prototype was not only tested for the functionality of H2O2 production, but also certified by safety evaluation. Furthermore, the product survey told us about the potential customers and their preferences and needs.

CLEANDY® is going to Enterprise by potential customers investigation, surveys for preferences, market and SWOT analyses. We also have short-term and long-term implementation plans and entrepreneurship supporting in biotech skills, probiotic food industry capabilbities and stakeholder fundings by three dental clinics.


 The board game is a simple way both entertaining and educating people to learn new things. We’re inspired by Taiwan’s traditional board game, Chinese checkers (跳棋). We designed a Mingdao Checker – Teeth Battle® for understanding oral biology and synthetic biology. Through playing the game, the participants will know how the tooth decay happens, what factors and bacteria influence the disease, and what actions you can do to prevent caries. The board game has two opposite players on behalf of oral natural antagonistic relationship between S. sanguinis and S. mutans, which are resulting in oral health or tooth decay, respectively. Just play the game by moving the teeth across the board and get knowledge you never learned in such a way.


 The SDGs Committee of Mingdao High School (MDHS) has hosted several SDGs events since 2019 and began the SDGs implementation proposal competition this year. We, as iGEMers, were engaging in these meaningful events.

 We explained the coherence between our project and SDGs. The four goals we declared during our intramural presentation are Good Health and Well-Being (Goal 3), Quality Education (Goal 4), Reduced Inequalities (Goal 10) and Responsible Consumption (Goal 12).

 This event empowered us with the knowledge, and we took an oath to put our best effort into nourishing the penetration of the 17 United Nation Sustainable Goals in the society.