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iGEM is not only a competition but also a huge scientific community, and we participated in different collaborations with other teams in order to meet new people, create new connexions and contribute to the iGEM good atmosphere.

iJET video:

iJET is a collaboration initiated by iGEM Aachen (Germany) in order to link teams all over the world by sending a paper plane across different teams and countries through video. This year was very special because of Covid-19 and this initiative was great to overcome borders, and at least planes were flying for iGEM this year.
You can watch the final video just below!

The Postcard project:

his project was created by iGEM Duesseldorf (Germany). The aim was to create a postcard design regarding synthetic biology and to write a short description of the project on the back. We sent 50 of them to the central Dusseldorf team who redistributed them to other teams participating. We received nice cards for 32 teams. We enjoyed participating in this challenge as it created a much-needed material connexion in the middle of all the virtual iGEM communication.

'Wiki for all' project:

Launched by the Grenoble team (France), this project aims to make our wiki inclusive. We have to take into account all sorts of disabilities that can disturb comprehension and take them into account. For example a good choice of colors that color blind people can read, or video subtitles for deaf people. This project is important for us as it is necessary to share science with as many people as possible and make sure that disabilities do not prevent people from reaching knowledge.

French iGEM teams video:

A meeting between the French teams is usually held every year, but wasn’t possible due to the sanitary situation. We were not discouraged and we still decided to create something with all French teams plus the Lausanne team (Switzerland). The idea came from the Grenoble team: we compiled in a video the presentation of all cities hosting an iGEM team and presentation of the members. This was a way to bypass the epidemic and to show that we can still do something together, in this case with French language as a link.
The video is available below!

“I’ve gotta PhD” by CSMU and NCKU Taiwan iGEM teams:

Those two Taiwanese teams decided to launch “I’ve gotta PhD” which is a scientific popularization Facebook page. Each team who wanted to participate could make research and create an informative support on a subject corresponding to one out of six categories. We decided to build a poster concerning obstetric violences and in the category Break Discrimination and Racism.
Please click on the little thumbnail to see the poster.

Synbiotic Video

A video with iGEM Delft that explain the goal of Synthetic Biology and iGEM, with this video we had to explain with one sentence our project, and after translate the video in our language to make this video reachable to everyone in the world.

Children's book on phages

We had to translate a book made by iGEM Delft, the book aims to educate the new generation with science and specifically with phages, it will be for children aged 4-6. The story of the book is about Phage Fred, who is looking for his friend, a bacterium he can infect, and goes off to search for him. He finds a couple of other bacteria he does not match with until he finds his 'friend.' This way we are passively explaining to children that phages are quite specific. By doing this translation, we can give this book to many more children.